Playing apple seeds can lead to serious damage or even death.

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Playing apple seeds can lead to serious damage or even death.

Do you know what can damage your physical body by playing apple seeds? In one study, it is known that apple seeds can lead to your death. Then learn how to damage our physical apple apple seeds.

Apple seed is dead like a rayonic cyanide - poison! The apple of the apple is at risk for the life of small stars. One study found that rayonic cyde on Apple seed seed. So your apple can end this apple's seed.

Uper seeds have strong coatings on the upper side, so if they eat at the chest, it goes out with an ass. But the hazard comes in chiba. If you have a grain of apple chipped, there will be no problem for the elderly. The body will release it from poison.

We know that every kilogram of body weight contains one milligram of cyanide acid. But an apple seed contains 0.49 mg cyanide. There are 8 seeds in an apple. That is, the amount of total apple syrup in whole apple 3.92 milligrams Then, as a person weighing 70 kg, 18 of them are confirmed death. But if the weight is low then playing 4-5 apple seeds in a child's case will be horrible. Cyanide poisoning can lead to death many times. So be careful if you give grains to the children's apple.


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