The Government of Canada is going to legalize marijuana.

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A canyder farm in Canada

At the end of this summer, Canada will be the first industrialized country to use cannabis for entertainment.

However, this country lifted restrictions on the use of cannabis in 2011 as a relief to the treatment.

In the Western Canadian province of British Columbia, especially for the third largest city of Vancouver, the use of marijuana has been going on for a long time.

Vancouver is said to be the capital of Gonza in Canada. The world's largest cannula farm is also located in Fraser Valley just off the city. It's near the US border

Hillary Black is the director of Education and Promotion Department of Canopy Growth Patients.

Canopy Growth is the world's largest company in commercially cultivating cannabis.

He says, once he met a woman. He was bedridden by Arthritis disease. He went to his house and sat down together to eat marijuana. The reaction of cannabis on the patient was surprising.


The ban on the use of marijuana was lifted in 2011 as a relief for the disease. Photo-GETTY IMAGES

After a while, he started shaking his limbs. Began to spread the hands and feet. And he cried.

Hillary Black said she feels very angry at the law that she has kept her away from this herbal medicine so far.

The environment of the marijuana firm is very controlled. If you want to enter here, you have to wear appropriate clothes, read the net on your head, read boots and gloves.

This farm has about one lakh tons where there are marijuana plants of different ages.

Thousands of electric bulbs are burning on the head day and night. The daylight is spreading light.

There are many types of tubes, which provide water to the cannabis, liquid nutrition and carbon dioxide.

How to use marijuana in the treatment of disease was found in a medical clinic about 40 kilometers away from Vancouver.


A cannabis shop in Los Angeles. CHI-GETTY IMAGES

See with a patient. He said that his name is Lin Johnston. He spent most of his life through pain. When he was 13 when his mother took him to CairoProcessor. But there was no result. Lin Johnston is now 58. In the year 2015, the disease has been successfully diagnosed with diabetes. It has been informed that there are three types of arthritis in his body.

The pain that is caused by this disease is hard to bear. The Arthritis made the person weak, and he said.

Dr. is the director of the medical department of this clinic. Caroline MacLeam. She complained of acute pain in her body, especially the pain that was not treated. She said that there were patients who came to their office who did not get any results from various types of treatment.


Canary packets used in medical treatment

In front of their eyes these patients are in pain. They do not know what has happened to them, they do not even know what treatment they can get.

Then they think that they can really help the patients in some way?

The government of Canada has launched a big campaign to overcome the problems that may arise as a result of marijuana law.

The national opinion poll shows that 70% of Canadians want to legalize fermentation.

Those who oppose the government's move, too, favor the ban on cannabis.

They say that the law must be prepared properly on the use of cannabis.

Ioana Martin is the Deputy Chief of the Conservative Party of the Senate, upper house of Parliament of Canada.

He says, this draft law aims to protect the youth of the country.

The former Toronto police chief Bill Blair asked the BBC's correspondent, what are they going to get worse, not worse?

Mr. Blair replied that they are not just legalizing this drug. The new law is going to put restrictions on its production, sale and distribution.

They also want to make sure that this drug is not sold to the children. He did not have any control because there was no law, he said.

The whole world will look at how successful this experiment of Canadian cannabis is on the legalization of use of cannabis.

Canadian leaders also understand that. So, they will try that, they can succeed.

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