Advices for the hangover :)

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Probably many people are going to a New Year's party today and will be drinking alcohol. If you have read my previous article and checked that you can drink without any interaction with drugs, it is worth considering what to do to avoid one of the harsher effects of drinking - hangover.

Here are some tips thanks to which you can shorten the duration or intensity of a hangover:

• Taking before, during and after drinking vitamin C. It is best to take large doses of this vitamin, eg 1000 mg before the party, during 1000-2000 mg and after depend of the well-being. It can be taken in the form of oral tablets or effervescent, drops or in food. Vitamin C in food will be the best absorption, but to achieve a dose of 1000 mg, you should eat a lot of, for example, oranges or lemons. Why Vitamin C? Thanks to its properties, it accelerates the "renewal" of enzymes involved in the metabolism of ethanol - it can be metabolized faster in our body.

• Drinking plenty of water or non-diuretic liquids. Ethanol has a diuretic effect, therefore its drinking causes that we lose water in the body in a short time. One of the effects of dehydration is headache, weaker work of the nervous system. Irrigation is most likely to start with the beginning of drinking and drinking juice in drinks is not enough:)

• Eat a nutritious, wholesome meal before drinking. Alcohol drunk on an empty stomach absorbs much faster. It can cause that we will enter the state of alcohol intoxication very quickly and the moment of the arrival of the new year will be known from the stories of friends - plus a moral hangover. Even then, you may not be able to apply the above advice :)

I hope that some people will find this article useful. I wish you a good and safe fun.

Until next year! :)

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