Guarana (Paullinia cupana):Multi Benefits For Health !!

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The soil of the Amazonian forest contains powerful forces. This is why, it seems, the plants found in its regions are of a very exceptional energy wealth.
The fact that we use them not only gives us strength and health, but also contributes to a local economy for the true owners of this huge green empire: the Indian people of Amazonia.
all the plants coming from this ocean of plants are true adaptogens which gives them an incomparable biological activity.

Among the most famous species of medicinal plants of the Amazon is guarana? In Amazonia "guarana" is consumed in powder with water. This drink is a natural energizer, invigorating, rejuvenating, aphrodisiac. It acts as a tonic for the heart and muscles, it activates brain functions and peripheral circulation.


Guarana is a shrub whose seeds have stimulating and energizing effects, since this plant contains the highest concentration of caffeine, it has been known in Europe since the 18th century.
Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon, mainly from Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. Already used 3000 years ago, Guarana is currently consumed around the world for its stimulating, astringent and tonic properties.

Aimed at all those who wish to improve their physical and intellectual performance, Guarana is a dietary supplement that allows on the one hand to keep the mind active and to stay awake long enough, and secondly to better resist fatigue and recover quickly after exercise. In addition, this natural fat burner is definitely one of the healthiest and natural ways to lose weight.

History and origin

Regarded by the legend as sacred, the Guarana native of the Amazon was used by the Guarani Indians for its stimulating and energizing virtues. The Guarana owes its name by its very particular form, strangely resembling eyes. Indeed, Guarana is a name derived from "waranà", which means "like the eyes of people". It served as a base for the preparation of the çapo, the traditional Indian drink of the Amazon.
The name of the plant comes from the Guarani, Amerindians of the Amazon. They ate guarana during times of hunger to better endure hunger.
The Guarana was the best asset of these Amazonian populations who had to go on a hunting expedition in the Amazon rainforest. This small seed was also used to cure many ailments, mainly diarrhea, malaria and dysentery. Known by Europeans since the eighteenth century, it is listed as stimulant, hypertensive and diuretic in the Western Pharmacopoeia from the early nineteenth century. At present, a large number of food supplements and energy drinks are made from Guarana.

Guarana composition

The main component of Guarana Seed is caffeine, which is called guaranine. Richer in caffeine than coffee, it is much better for health because it concentrates an interesting amount of essential fatty acids, alkaloids such as theobromine, xanthine and theophylline but also vitamins including vitamins A, B1, B3 , E and PP.

It is also a valuable source of mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium. There are also several trace elements including selenium, strontium and germanium.

Properties of Guarana

Guarana was originally used by Amazonian Indians for its energizing and invigorating properties. Currently, it is attributed other therapeutic virtues. Thus, Guarana helps resist fatigue and improve endurance, by eliminating the lactic acid secreted by the muscles.

It also promotes better intellectual performance because it improves concentration, memory and cognitive ability. Its caffeine is also very effective as appetite suppressant. It is also excellent for relieving headaches, migraine and hypertension.


Thanks to its guaranine content, Guarana is considered the best natural stimulant. This caffeine will act as a stimulant of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and metabolism, which will reduce drowsiness and increase attention.

In addition to this caffeine, Guarana also contains tannins, flavonoids and saponins, which act as a physical and intellectual stimulant.

Fat burner

Guarana is currently one of the most popular dietary supplements in slimming diets. Indeed, alkaloids and more particularly caffeine contained in large quantities in the seed will stimulate the secretion of catecholamine, mainly adrenaline and increase cell metabolism, thus promoting the burning of lipids and the elimination of fat stored in the body.

In addition, the presence of tannins will allow a gradual release of caffeine in the body, which will reduce the sensation of over-excitement and increased heart rate, while prolonging the effects.


In the short term, Guarana is effective in reducing the feeling of tiredness, physical and moral. Indeed, extremely rich in caffeine, but also in vitamins essential fatty acids, mineral salts and trace elements, it is ideal to strengthen the body. Indeed, acting on muscle tissue, it provides better resistance against fatigue.

Intestinal regulator

Thanks to the presence of tannins, Guarana is very effective for improving the intestinal metabolism. It helps to treat diarrhea and leucorrhea. Also promoting the disinfection of the intestine, it is recommended to treat intestinal disorders due to food poisoning, dysentery or fermentations.


Guarana is also believed to have a diuretic action. Indeed, the presence of theobromine allows this plant to dilate the blood vessels and increase the volume of urine. It is often used to remedy water retention problems.


Guarana also has an antioxidant property, thanks to its polyphenolic content. It can be effective for delaying premature aging of cells, but also for preventing cardiovascular disease.

Interrogation on the aphrodisiac property of Guarana

We often hear about the effect of Guarana on libido. Moreover, in the pre-Columbian era when it was discovered, the ancient caciques of Central America used this little seed to palliate the lack of sexual appetite and increase their libido. At present, science has not yet made any claim on this thesis, however associating with other medicinal plants like Maca, it stimulates libido and promotes erections.

Benefits of guarana

Guarana is famous around the world, mainly for its slimming virtues and its beneficent action on physical and intellectual vivacity. Playing a double role of appetite suppressant and fat-burning, it fits perfectly in slimming diets salty as sweet.

Improves physical performance

Guarana is currently the flagship product of athletes. Tonic of the body as a whole, thanks to its rich composition, the Guarana is able to increase the strength and endurance of the body. In addition, it is excellent for fighting asthenia while providing better resistance to fatigue.

Improves overall well-being

Due to its composition, Guarana has positive effects on mood and attitude. It acts quickly and effectively against the elements that cause physiological disorders. Thus, it reduces stress, nervousness, anxiety and depression.

It has even been noticed that the consumption of a product derived from Guarana restores fishing and boosts motivation. It is just as effective for fighting migraine and headaches.

Increases cognitive abilities

Guarana is known to awaken the body and mind. Indeed, this neurostimulant acts on the encephalic nervous centers, keeping the organism awake and alert, the time when its active ingredients are in action.

At a moderate dosage, Guarana promotes concentration, attention span and memory, which will facilitate intellectual and cerebral activity and improve the ability to learn and memorize. In its traditional use, Guarana was used to increase the vigilance and reflex of men who went hunting.

Facilitates slimming cures

Guarana is a naturally healthy product, intended to facilitate slimming treatments. Used moderately, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant, thanks to its high caffeine content. The feeling of hunger will be reduced to the maximum to leave a good feeling of satiety.

In addition, Guarana which contains a significant amount of guaranine has a lypolitic action. Indeed, accompanied by a regular sports activity and a balanced diet, it promotes the elimination of fat by enzymatic stimulation. Fats and sugars will not be stored by the body, but converted into energy for physical activity, muscle or other.

Fight against digestive disorders

Guarana, because of its concentration of tannins, including catechol, is very effective in fighting digestive disorders. It is often recommended in the treatment of diarrhea and colitis. It is also used to reduce bloating and help evacuate gases.

Relieves a number of aches and pains

Guarana is also a powerful pain reliever. It was traditionally used to relieve muscle aches such as stiffness and cramps. It is also known to relieve arthritis, dysmenorrhea but also to fight migraines, headaches. In addition, it can be particularly effective for treating rheumatism.

Effective in the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Guarana contains antioxidants that preserve the elasticity of the arteries and keep them healthy. If it is not recommended for people with a history of heart attack or heart disease, it is useful for preventing acrdiovascular diseases, including stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack and others.

Anti aging

Antioxidant, Guarana protects the cells of the body, especially the tissues of the body, harmful effects of free radicals. Thus, it reduces the signs of visible aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Treats asthma and other respiratory problems

Because of its theophylline content, Guarana is effective in treating respiratory disorders, including asthma, bronchitis and winter ailments such as influenza, cough, angina and others. Indeed, this substance relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi to promote the flow of air to the lungs.


The consumption of guarana must be adapted by everyone, according to their tolerance to caffeine. To avoid an overdose, it is recommended to take the minimum doses prescribed and to increase them gradually. In Brazil, it is common to consume 4 to 8 g of guarama powder daily, diluted in a glass of water or a fruit juice.

  • The maximum caffeine dosages recommended are: for children: 2.5 mg per kilo, for pregnant women: 300 mg, for adults: 400 to 450 mg. Guarana being an exciting.

It is better to distribute the consumption in the day, preferably in the morning and at noon. It is strongly recommended to avoid eating after 4pm, unless you have to stay up late for any reason.

Precautions of guarana

Some energy drinks are based on guarana and contain a very high concentration of caffeine. They should not be combined with other forms of caffeine.

Against indications

Guarana is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children. People who are sensitive or allergic to caffeine or xanthines should not consume guarana. It is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular disorders, gastric ulcers, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism.

side effects

At the recommended doses, side effects are rare. Guarana consumption may, however, result in increased blood pressure, heart palpitations or gastric irritation. Regular intake of guarana may develop addiction and dependence. In case of overdose, difficulty in urination, vomiting, headache, muscle cramps may occur.


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