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Hello friends, this is @adehwunmmie, and this is my very first post after my introduce yourself post, please don’t call me a poke nose , this has been bothering me for a while now, I just saw this avenue as a nice place to express my mind. Some people said penis captivus is a spiritual warfare, how on earth can this be? Hmmmm, you better be informed.

This situation occurrence is a very rare case where the penis is stuck in the vagina. However in some parts of the world specifically Africa, it is believed that this can be influenced spiritually with charm. They believe when a woman is promiscuous and tend to sleep with anything with a dick, a charm is place on her, consequently if she sleeps with other men aside her husband they will ultimately get stuck in each other. Although everyone is free to believe what they like.


Around February 2016, there was a case in Lagos Nigeria an African country, of a man by name Mr Matthew Chibuzor. As narrated by witnesses, he told his wife he was going to work, he decided to fix a meeting with his concubine at a hotel. However, unknown to him the husband of his concubine has laid a charm for his wife because he suspected her of cheating. Mr Matthew reportedly had sex with his secret lover and the unexpected happened, his penis got stuck in her vagina. Since it was an unusual occurrence and it is believed that the witch doctors are capable of inducing Penis captivus, they both raised alarm asking for help, people rallied round and took them to a witch doctor for healing, eventually they were detached from each other.


Penis captivus is explained just as it sounds, it is the captivity of penis inside the vagina due to the clamping down of vagina on penis, in some cases it occurs in second and some other case it may be minutes but hours has never been recorded. According to Dr John Dean, a senior UK-based sexual physician On bbcnews magazine interview says that "When the penis is in the vagina it becomes increasingly engorged," he concluded from his hypothesis that "The muscles of the woman's pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged."

However, in my own interpretation of the above explanation by Dr John, this implies that due to the engorgement ,the blood in the erect penis is unable to flow out to allow easy removal. It becomes essential to find a way to relax the clamping vagina, therefore when the vaginal muscles relaxes it allows blood to flow out of the penis and the man can withdraw with ease, that’s all, but no oo, my people around here believes it is a witch doctor’s doing. Hmmm ignorance kills. Just imagine numbers of people that has been disgraced because of this.
Thank you everyone for reading this piece, I know its not good to gossip but you will have to pardon me on this one and many other gossips to come, hope learned something.
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How I wish my upvote was worth a whale's, you'll have gotten a 100% upvote from me because from start to finish of ur post, u personally educated me, the analysis of vaginal contraction causing engorging and blood transportation in and out of the penis is awesome....
Thank you for educating me and taking ignorance away on this one...

I have to remind myself that today is Sunday while reading this.