My first miracle (chronic knee pain healed)

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I’ve received miracles through Christians and have been dabbling in healing the sick by prayer and the laying on of hands. I was at a bust stop when a homeless man asked me about the schedule. Many homeless have health problems and I thought this could be an opportunity to encourage, share the Gospel or do deliverance on someone. We sat nearby and he told me his story.

Early on, I inquired about his health and he mentioned many issues. I was sure to ask when he was getting off so I would have time to lay on hands & maybe cast demons out. We happened to be getting off at the same stop about 15 minutes away. I prayed for him 2 or 3 times during the exchange and at no point did either one of us feel anything. Towards the end of the trip he all of a sudden said he couldn’t feel any pain in his knee. I asked, “How long have you had pain?” He replied, “Non-stop for years!”

We walked for a few minutes and began to share the visions for the callings that we believe that God has for us. This man wanted to start a halfway sort of house for veterans, which I think is a terrific idea. I told him about my idea on a Christian orphanage model where each child has a shared mom & dad. There would be a big emphasis on discovering the passions God has put in each orphan’s heart.

Despite walking together for a while, his knee pain didn’t return and this was the first time he had no pain in many years. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!

When first attempting “street healing”, about a year ago, stuff did happen on the first day but no physical healings only the revealing of God’s presence or receiving great joy. I would encourage Christians to start trying out healing the sick and casting out devils when the opportunity presents itself. God has a problem with us not trying.

Don’t get discouraged if miracles don’t happen right away, faith is persistence and great things will happen if you keep going. If anyone has any requests for physical or emotional healing or un-demonizing let me know.

I also highly recommend this series about healing from Steve Harmon who has done over 1,000 deliverances.

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