MISUNDERSTANDING OF LANGUAGE | Tue Aug 28 2018 10:55:30 GMT+0100 (West Africa Standard Time)

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Hi pals, it really been a while i posted on airclinic status post. Today is yet another day, so let catch some fun together. Something happened yesterday, it was really fun. It was a conversation between me and one seller, I see it as language barrier or misunderstanding.

I was out yesterday after a heavy rain pour, it was still dripping a little but we have to eat at home because the there was no light and know any other way than to use the local charcoal stove. I left the house to buy it. On getting there the following conversation started.

Me:mama chinedu, I want buy 'edu'. Forgetting the fact that the word 'edu'is in Yoruba and 'm taking to a igbo woman who do not understand Yoruba.

Seller:ennnh,wetin you talk,still busy attending to other customers

Me:i say I want buy 'edu', I beg do quick i want go chop. The husband of the seller understand Yoruba, so he quickly stood up to hear the reaction of the wife

Sell:Chinedu is not for sale.

Husband: speaking igbo,i never know what he means but he was laughing and still repeat the word. Mama Chinedu,he want buy 'edu'. The husband went straight to get the charcoal for me.

Me:Or you no they sell, that was my first time of buying charcoal from her.

Husband : telling me, her wife thought i was talking of chinadu. Because the short form of the name sound similar to 'edu'.

Me:looking daz,with surprise now realise why the conversation was not yielding profitable results. That was when I told her it was charcoal I was talking of.

Sell: I think say na chinadu you say you want buy.

Everyone busty into laughtr.

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