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As a child, I always wanted the August intense 7days rain,because to me that signified a enough time to sleep and enjoy my soymeal
But look at me now😖😖
I am praying these 7days rain stops, because there is too much to catch up with.
Lectures, notes to read and a whole lot of other stuffs to do.
I practically performed all of my activities under the rain today 😭😭😭
Can you beat that ?
Ohhhh well, I had no choice, I had to do it and finally I was able to settle down in my hostel.....
On getting to the hostel, I started shivering as a result of accumulation of so much cold.
I wore two sweatwear and used a blanket but it didn't seem to help
I finally drank hot tea and it made me a bit warm.
I just pray ,I don't have to go through the same process of been trenched under the rain tomorrow.
Name: Mopelola Ajet
Age :21
Heart rate :60 BPM
Temperature :37°C
Weight :60Kg
Height : 5.2ft
Allergies: none
Stress rate: moderate
Injury :None
Headache : slight
Medications: yes
Fitness level : Good
Activity level :low
Emotions :Dull
Hydration rate : Hydrated
Micturition rate : 6times in 24hours

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