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From Dr. George
hours ago on airclinic app, this is the reason you must join airclinic fast.

We are happy to bring you this goodnews. Alot has changed on Air-Clinic since inception!

✅ We launched our Webapp which means that you can access your favorite healthcare platform from anywhere. Android/iOS phones, tablets, laptops and desktop! 🌎 Link:

✅ Air-Clinic social is on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even LinkedIn. We want to spread the word to all these places by automatically publishing our posts there. 📨

✅ Share your favourite articles with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+. The buttons are at the end of an article. 🔄

✅ MONTHLY DELEGATION PAYOUT HAS BEEN SENT! Check your Aircoin wallet to see it. We usually give 10x the amount of delegation. So if you delegated 100SP , you will get $1000 Aircoin! 💰 Link:

Do all you can to grab many tokens out of the $300 Million tokens available. We are purposefully giving some advantages to our early adopters because we want you all to own a significant stake. Things will change soon when our tokens start trading on exchanges.

Thank you for believing in our vision for "FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!"

Live Healthy, Get Wealthy!🏥💙♨

~Dr. George Edeh,

Air-Clinic Social - Live Healthy, Get Wealthy!
Air-Clinic Social
Wallet - Air-Clinic Social
Air-Clinic Social

On comments
Good news indeed I appreciate your efforts and support towards perfection of the program

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