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Are you in Owerri now? Pls be careful... I heard it yesterday.. Inform your loved ones
happened in a hotel at Naze. The world is becoming more scary o .... A newly married man
saw a copper dressed seductively... She was
just too sexy to overlook.... He picked her up and abandoned the way home to a hotel..... .
He lodged in with her and in less than 5 mins he was
on top of her.... The copper was as flexible as a snake.... Her Moanings sounded like a
hissing snake.... The man was so carried away with her
moves and didn't really give his concern to it.... The
married man had sex with her over and over again and even paid her more than the bargained.... But told her to stay with him tonight
He woke up an hour later having the Intentions of having another round with her but he didn't find
her on the bed ...... He heard hissing sounds in the bathroom.....he opened the door his heart drummed heavily as he saw two big pythons
talking to each other he screamed . . . . .
The pythons leaped on him.... He ran to the door and
found it locked .... The pythons crawled to him
ready to strike....
He shouted..... He finally felt
something cold and cycler with scales trying to
swallow him.... . He struggled but the pythons have already pined him down...
His head and Chest
was already inside the mouth . . .the snakes
poisonous saliva has covered his face....
He tried to shout but he couldn't.... He kicked the snake
but the snake was too strong... Then he had to
bite the snake's tongue and then tickled the snake and the
snake started laughing... the snake got wounded and involuntary vomited him.
The only problem is I don't know how to end this
fake yeye story that you guys have been reading una too like story. As usual...I dey my house
in case u want come fight me.....

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