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In your, opinions... How can two individuals stay in love for a lifetime?

  • By Toseen
    ===How can a relationship long last! 🤷🏼‍♂
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    [10/9, 07:46] ‪ You should be patient with your partner and persever
    [10/9, 09:13] ‪ Both partner should understand each other nd wait patiently
    [10/9, 09:37] ‪ The best is knowing how understand eachother ND trust too..... Most relationships are broken because either of party might not be caring ND understanding
    [10/9, 09:39] Its just by understanding....
    If d 2 individuals involve can understand one another then it is settled
    [10/9, 19:39] ‪My sister if i won't lie to you don't loose focus on ur education because of mere boyfriend but advice I can give to you is that be more closer to your boyfriend than before and feel free with him,@times you can be with him play with his fone in his presence but and from there u ask him question but don't be angry with him or fight him,.....God will be with u

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