My Health Status Update... Day 3 | Too much good is bad| Mon Sep 03 2018 22:22:42 GMT+0100 (WAT)

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Hello there!

It's another day and time for me to share my health status with you. As you know, this month is about little changes I decided to make in my health and hope to see improvement in my health come month end.

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Each day I share what I did right or wrong with you and hopefully I get better day by day.

Today, I learned the need for temperance. The best definition of temperance is 'avoiding what is bad and using in moderation that which is good.'
Temperance reminds you, for example, that soda is bad, but too much of fresh fruit juice is also bad. It reminds you that unhealthy snacks are bad, but eating too much of the good snacks is unhealthy too.

You may ask how I learned this or why I'm sharing.

Well you will see how.

First, what did I do wrong today?

I ate too much again today even though I chose healthy options. I found myself almost always eating. I think a part of me was afraid to get hungry and then eat something unhealthy.

I didn't like it.

Also, I didn't drink as much water as I should or as I planned to. I planned to drink more water than I eat, but if I spent my day eating how would I get to drink enough water!
So the priority should be water first before food.

And,what did I do right today?

I resisted the pull of them oily buns and looked the other way when I saw soda. I chose healthy options of snacks and I am presently filled with fiber!

While I'm not happy that I ate too much today, I'm grateful that I ate good food. I can't imagine eating a lot of junk.


So you see why temperance is the way to go when looking forward to making changes? It puts things in the right perspective.

Temperance gives a balance.

So health status... Fibered... Too much good is bad. Lesson learned.

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