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Hello friends, good night. Tonight I discuss my health status in maintaining heart health. I really take care of my heart health. Maintaining heart health, this must be done. because the heart is the most important organ for survival.

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To maintain my heart health, I do several things. That is, starting from choosing food, choosing drinks and daily activities that I do.


Choosing food is the first factor to maintain heart health. I myself reduce foods that are high in cholesterol, and reduce foods that are too sweet. Both of these foods cannot be avoided. We also sometimes eat these two foods. But don't overdo it.

The reason I reduce foods that are high in cholesterol, because if we always consume foods that are high in cholesterol, such as fast food, sponge cake, oily food, then over time, cholesterol will accumulate in the blood vessels so that blood flow will obstruct. This buildup of cholesterol can occur in blood vessels. Can occur in the brain's blood vessels, and can also occur in the heart's blood vessels. If there is a buildup in the heart arteries, then of course this will cause a heart attack.

And the reason I reduce food is too sweet, because if we always consume foods that are too sweet, then over time diabetes will occur which will also cause heart health problems. So I reduce these two foods.

Furthermore, to maintain heart health, I also do not smoke. I know that cigarettes are very dangerous. Not only is heart health disrupted, but other health is also disrupted due to smoking. Jafi I avoid smoking.

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Furthermore, I also did not consume soft drinks. Such as alcoholic beverages and energy enhancing drinks. Both of these drinks contain soda and high sugar content in them. So I avoided it so that my heart health will improve. Furthermore, I also exercise regularly in the morning. The duration I exercise every day is 20 minutes.

That's how I maintain my health status with my heart.

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The application is a very good application, it keeps motivating a person to walk

Thank you friend.
I a gree with you. Air-clinic application is an application that can make people continue to know how to live a healthy life.

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Thank you for sharing an informative post about heart health.Yes it is the most valuable part of our body.Best of luck Brother.

Thank you for visiting my shipment. I like this post can be useful for you

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