Difficult digestion: how to stop swollen belly and bloating?


The abdomen swollen like a balloon after every meal? Smelly gases that escape inadvertently? Follow these tips to find a better digestive comfort and keep a nice flat stomach.

"The accumulation of gas in the intestines is often caused by too fast food intake, especially those based on starch ( pasta, rice, bread , potatoes ...)," says Thérèse Ellul-Ferrari * .

Chew well to better digest

So remember to chew each bite for a long time to puree it and impregnate it well with saliva. Also limit meats and fatty sauces that slow down digestion, as well as crudités rich in irritating fibers, especially celery and onion.

"Vegetables that contain sulfur compounds (cabbage, turnip, watercress, rocket) can also cause flatulence," warns the specialist. Just like dairy products, because many adults do not digest lactose , milk sugar. Once in the colon, it ferments. Opt for cooked cheeses ( Tomme , Emmental ...) as long as they do not contain lactose.

Neutralize the gases with bicarbonate and spices

Chickpea, beans, lentils and other flageolets induce flatulence because of their high content of oligosaccharides that accumulate in the large intestine. But do not deprive yourself because these legumes are excellent for health. They are a mine of iron, zinc, vitamins and antioxidants that combat the development of diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels and the proliferation of cancer cells in the colon.

To digest them safely, soak them in cold water first, then add a pinch of baking soda to their cooking water. Another tip: sprinkle with cumin, cardamom or ginger . These spices are carminative, that is, they neutralize the formation of gas in the digestive tract. And in addition, they give an exquisite flavor to all dishes.

Relieve an inflated belly with plants

"The first choice treatment against meteorism (excess digestive gas) is the mixture of fresh plant extracts standardized (EPS) artichoke-dandelion-melissa, says Dr. Eric Lorrain, president of the European Institute of Plant Ingredients. But when bloating is accompanied by intestinal spasms, opt for the gentian-lemon balm duo ".

The right dosage:

a teaspoon of EPS to take with water shortly before going to the table. And if the spasms are partly due to stress, add passionflower to calm tensions.

Aromatherapy also gives very good results. The essential oils of ginger and basil both reduce colonic fermentations. Dilute a drop of each in a spoonful of oil Nigel and swallow fifteen minutes before each meal.

  • Author of 120 gourmet recipes for your digestive comfort (Grancher edition).

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