Healing and power of Sound (chanting)

Why chanting works: Da Ai (Greatest Love) is a positive information. This information carries frequency and vibration. This vibration is a field, a form, a crystal, a beautiful pattern. This form reacts with forms in our body. Sound carries 100% of the information (a chemical only carries much less, like if you had a Love pill, the pill would transfer a small amount of the information)... Sound carries the the information pattern of love. Such a beautiful mandala. This mandala removes blockages, restores health, changes unhealthy patterns, forms, cells into healthy ones. It takes time and persistence to change all form completely. But every minute chanting Da Ai silently or aloud is the process like planting a flower garden or planting trees. You chant - you put a seed, you chant more the seed grows - the form solidifies, you chant more the the flower blooms, the frequency becomes form and changes DNA, cells, organs and more. Then it becomes naturall to maintain the garden one day. What is love transmition or treasure? It s like going to the gardener and buying a whole tree. Already producing fruit after one season. Just little basic maintaince required. Da Ai Da Ai Da Ai Da Ai... Writing and tracing Da Ai is like using fertilizer. The form solidifies faster. Like water becoming ice. Frequency and information becoming form. Form is matter. Matter is Information. Information carries energy. Energy carries information. Positive energy is light, powerful, ordered, natural. Da Ai. I hope this insight and image can help someoneSHARE IF YOU AGREE (13).png

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