Healer: self tought

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Hi, my name is SANTIAGO SANTOS im from Laredo, Tx. USA.
I started my healing journey about 15 yrs. ago. I met this retired Dr. that talked very enthusiastically about the science of the body and how it heals it self, if you give it the right environment. I was very attracted to his passion for explaining it all. Anyways to make a long story short, its been 15 yrs. and I now know more without a degree than most Dr's. out there. Have been also teaching and healing people for the past 10yrs in person and at a distance w great and some times miracle results that I can not even believe it myself. I practice what is known as Energy Medicine or Alternative/Natural medicine. I did take a course called Quantum touch (level 1) by Richard Gordan, used to heal the body with the hands. The healing technique that I use most of the time is called "The Emotion and Body Code" by Dr. B. Nelson. If you are interested in a session or learning more please, please let me know. Thank you. 🙂 NAMASTE 🙏🌎🌿🌺🤗