Dirty Healing

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It may seem like a weird name to call this blog post it however suits what I’m going to convey and yes its dirty, it’s hard, and it’s also beautiful and healing. I think people often think that healing is a piece of cake it’s something joyful and uplifting well I’m here to tell you it’s not and shatter that illusion, it’s after healing that you reach such things but when you’re going through healing it hurts and it hurts like hell. It is oftentimes hellish but it’s worth it, it is worth the work, the pain and the self-reflection which one must do a lot of while healing, something that really helps retrieve soul energy and helps one to move ahead in healing you must feel all those dirty feelings, lower emotions and pass them through, let them go but you must feel them and bring them to the surface first so they can leave.

Are you starting to see the picture here ? The emotions I’m trying to convey ? Healing hurts and its dirty !

I liken healing to illumination you must go through pain, through a good amount of darkness before you can feel okay and be okay.

Just as a spiritual seeker must surpass spiritual tests to attain their goal the same happens with healing.

To heal you must get into the dirt of emotions, anger, hurt, pain, betrayal and yes just feeling nothing at all which is the depths of emotional hurt. When the switch turns off as your body cannot cope with the negative emotions overwhelming it.

It’s my theory that people who are murderers and do evil things have only a lower emotional spectrum or their emotions are shut off and they feel nothing much at all.

I have come to the conclusion that people get sick because of overwhelming hurt and negative emotions as emotions have charge this charge if its positive helps you lead a happier more fulfilled life, if its negative it will create bad health, depression and an all-round negative state towards yourself and others.

It’s becoming clear that emotions are tied to soul energy, to how our cells work, to our organs and how healthy they are, to our aura and souls and our gut system.

We have a problem in society that prescription pills are not fixing or healing this problem. It’s a dirty ugly one it’s the emotional states of the masses many of which have a lot of emotional hurt causing them to have many problems in their everyday lives, whether its hurt they suffered as a child or emotional hurt from relationships, friendships or things they have suffered that have caused an energetic or emotional block this is the huge problem with the world today. Emotional sickness emotional hurt and pain, yet in our modern world doctors and therapists still don’t have many tools or even the understanding to provide solid solutions, if they did we would not have the mass mess of emotional unhealthy masses that walk around today. I can tell you from personal experience yes I work with people, that this is a huge problem in the world, I have travelled and spoken to people of statuses in society, I could not help but feel compassion as many open up to me about abuse suffered as a child or from their spouses, partners or traumas they have been through. It’s also relevant to state this small negative emotions we experience everyday also build up and can cause issues, its evident we have a problem, an emotional mess in the world.

Is there solutions to this dirty emotional mess? Yes there is but these solutions are multi-layered they are not instant fixes as anything good takes time.

Humanity isn’t taking time to realise it has souls, its body reacts to emotions it’s something more than a body, then it complains at the worlds issues it complains about mass disease. What if the solution came from an emotional level? Yes cleaning, clearing and healing the negative emotional charges, this would make for happier healthier more beautiful people and yes negative emotions effect how we look. What if the solution to most of the world’s issues is within? It’s healing our emotional pain and hurt, I can assure you this would affect the world on a mass level.

People shower to stay clean, they bring out the trash yet they are emotionally dirty. They are not cleaning the inner, they are not getting rid of the inner trash of emotions blocked within themselves. People care about how their outer looks yet they are missing taking care of the inner they have yet to realise the importance of such things.

It’s evident there is a widespread mass disease in the world, it’s an emotional disease and it’s the cause of most of the worlds issues.

I have explained the problem with emotional disease.

Now onto the solutions and some personal experience on this subject.

Considering I had a horrible childhood and the loss of a love I can from experience say this delving into healing is no easy thing, yet it’s worth it and it saved my life. It hasn’t been easy and it’s been dirty on so many levels. I did both emotional detoxing and also physical detoxing to clear out emotional gunk and debris, it took hours of feeling things I disliked, it took a lot of soul and self- reflection, it took drinking down disgusting drinks to clear out the gunk in my organs, yes liver holds anger and other lower emotions so a good liver detox helps with this. It took a year to get to this point where I can smile and feel good most days, it took work on so many levels I had help, support and love from friends on so many levels while I was going through this. I could tell them what I felt even in the middle of the night and they did provide healing and support, sometimes we just need to trust and talk to somebody about how we feel have a good cry, let the tears flow yes tears are healing and come out feeling emotionally washed, clean from the heaviness. It’s soul healing to have such support and people around you so I suggest if you’re going to go on this journey, find a trustworthy supportive person you can spill your thoughts out to and they will, no matter what be compassionate caring and healing. I truly believe if you have somebody like this that you don’t need a therapist, you will get out the emotional gunk without spending thousands. I truly cannot convey how much many people just need a kind compassionate person who can listen without any judgements to them, this is deeply healing. All of these things and the list I’ll post below have healed me on so many levels I have awhile longer to go on this inner journey yet I have deeply progressed.

Tools you need during your emotional release and healing:

A compassionate trustworthy person who can listen and help support you emotionally.

A good diet with a lot of chi charged foods.

Fruits, vegetables a lot of greens salads and steamed vegetables.

Spring water warm, water with lemon, warm water with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.

Hot herbal teas and green teas.

Good fats such as Avocado, Coconut Oil, Walnut Oil, MCT Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Egg Yokes if your body allows it.

Whole grain breads such as real rye bread or spelt.

Superfoods, Noni mushrooms such as Chaga and Lions Mane, Acai, Spirulina, Shilajit Fulvic Minerals, red wine powder and wheatgrass.

Sun in large amounts.

Yoga stretching and some exercise, dancing if you like.

Lymphatic massages.

Infrared sauna.

Meditation and prayer, positive mantras and positive music.

Smiling and imagining your organs smiling.

Talking to yourself. Something I call self love talk. I tell myself you are beautiful, happy, successful, healthy and loved.

You can go further and do some fasting. I suggest no more than three days, if so I also suggest doing a mucoid plaque detox if you can.

Setting healthy boundaries to negative people, they either must act right towards you or get rid of them.
Streaming your creativity.

Hot chocolate and a good book is healing.

Sunbathing, smiling, giggling, spending time with the ones in life who make you happy.

These things helped me and they still do, they help me heal, help me be happy and help to bring me to higher frequencies. The higher the frequency the more elated emotions we will have, we are truly beings of energy, and emotions are simply this energy charge we have the power to harbour a negative emotional energy charge or to heal it and move on, to move onto better emotional charges that will replace the traumatic ones we suffered. It’s well known that emotions have effect on our reality. We must consider most major cultures and religions allude to this very thing, that emotions create reality, this is both a powerful tool to create the world and lives we want or to destroy ourselves and let our negative emotions we refuse to face and heal let go of also effect the world. It’s our choice we often complain about our lives and the world without realising the power to change both lays within, our emotions, our very energy charge effecting all. Once we realise this, heal it and use our powerful emotions in a manner that empowers ourselves and the world, once this is understood on a mass level the world will change.

Blessings lovely souls.


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