The Crystal Deck of Cards: 50 Crystals and Their Use in Healing

in #healing5 years ago (edited)

So I buy this deck of cards. It's called The Crystal Deck. 50 crystals and their use in healing. Picture of the crystal on the front, description and explanation on the back.

I pull out a card. It's Atacamite. It's time to add some energy and drive to achieving our dreams.

So I close my eyes and shuffle (it's hard to shuffle - the cards are large, and my hands aren't that big.). I fan them out, eyes closed, then see if I'm drawn to a card.

Yes I am.

I pull it out. It's the Introduction card. Instructions on how to use the deck.

My spirit guides are saying: "Chump! Learn how to use them first!"


For more information about stones, and a whole lot more, visit:


These cards are amazing, I have them too.

Thank you - yes, I've hardly begun to use them, but I'll be posting more ;-)

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