Hubii Network - A look into the future

in hbt •  last year

A blockchain-based decentralised content marketplace.
You will get acquainted with white paper and the intention of the development team to make the implementation of content easier and transfer to modern crypto technologies.
All you need to know about this wonderful project is written in white paper.
ICO still passes and you can still become an investor. There is a good idea - there will be a good implementation.
The ready business passes on new technologies.
I suggest that you just get acquainted with the concept, team and intention of the team.
And then you decide.

There is a very interesting moment.

  1. Token will be small.
  2. A $ 5,000,000 Token at the Ether rate will be frozen for one year.
  3. There are all prerequisites for further growth.
  4. The project accurately realizes itself.
  5. I just believe in the project and I like the figure of five. I'm sure that will be x5.
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