Last Call for Sponsors.

in hayrunners •  3 months ago

I am putting together a contest to raise money for @teamaustralia's #hayrunners appeal. See this post by @bearone, or search the #hayrunners posts for more info on what the cause is.

hayrunners banner.png

So far, I will be offering as a prize 5 @steembasicincome shares, and I have had generous offers from @gohba.handcrafts, @quochuy and @freewritehouse in the form of up-votes on the winners posts for a week.

If anyone else would like to sponsor a prize, let me know (either here or on discord). You will be helping a great cause and gaining positive PR in the process.

Liquid payouts from this post will go to @teamaustralia for the #hayrunners appeal.

Banner thanks to @bearone. If you see this banner, your vote will support the cause.

Thanks, and stay tuned for the opening of the contest on Monday,


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20% of this posts payout is nominated to go to to support their work. Please also consider ways you can lend a hand.

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Hi John, I read your post about "why keep steeming." I don't know how to reach you, and I'm leaving a comment here. After reading your article, we created a questionnaire to find out why. I wonder whether you can help us to get more answers from steemers.. Here's the link: Thank you in advance!


Hi, thanks for reaching out. I have completed the survey, hope it helps. Re steemed the post also. Good luck.


Many thanks for your help!