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Help Team Australia raise funds for The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

We're off to a great start with raising funds for the next Burrumbuttock Hayrunners Hay delivery, and the awesome members #teamaustralia and the greater STEEM community are already gathering around to lend a hand in whatever way they can.

What are we doing?

We're raising funds to sponsor a truck which will take a load of hay deep into the drought-stricken farming areas of Eastern Australia (New South Wales and Queensland). For several years there has been a severe shortage of rainfall in many areas, and farmers in some regions are facing ruin if there isn't any relief for them soon. We're joining the spirit of generosity by raising funds through the Steem community, to send a truck load of hay to one of these farming communities.

This is what they're about (from the hayrunners.com website)..

BHR is about mates helping mates in a time of need. Farmers impacted by drought often struggle to ask for help and many due to the financial strain of trying to keep the farm afloat also battle mental health issues.

All hay is donated from generous farmers all over Australia. The money fundraised and held in the Rotary Club bank account is used to fuel the trucks that transport the donated hay. No one in the Burrumbuttock Hay Run group are paid a wage, everyone is volunteers. This includes all the truck drivers who also donate the use of their trucks & machinery to load and unload the hay.

How much do we need?

We need to raise $2500. It's a big ask, but I wholeheartedly believe that if we all pitch in with whatever we can, that $2.5K will be a walk in the park. What this does is pay for fuel for a truck load of donated hay, as well as for a reusable STEEM banner (currently being designed) to fix onto the truck to promote STEEM to the Australian communities who see the truck on its journey. It is a great way to promote the power of STEEM at work in the real world. That banner can and will be reused. It will be generic so it fits in with any other promotional events which may be held in the future. But wouldn't it be great to keep it on a truck for every run the hay Runners hold in the future? We're working on that too!!

Why The Hay Runners?

We've chosen the Burrumbuttock Hayrunners to support because they're farmers who are helping fellow farmers in need, and do an amazing job of providing not only physical help, but also emotional support to the hundreds and hundreds of farmers who are struggling to keep their farms. They understand what the farmers are going through because many of them have been through similar experiences. A big aspect of their mission is to be a strong support system to those farmers who are struggling to stay up, and are dealing with mental health issues as well.

How are we doing this

We're doing this as one big team! Over the next few days and weeks, or however long it takes, you'll see #hayrunners posts, like this one, popping up on your feed from various members of the STEEM community, not necessarily just #teamaustralia members, but from those who have chosen to help our farmers. Some will be asking for donations or upvotes of which the liquid post rewards will be pooled and transferred to the @teamaustralia account for making the final payment to the Hay Runners to sponsor a truck, or more.

I have been in contact with Brendan Farrell, the found of The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, in recent days, and the next run is being prepared for January 2019, and will be the biggest run they have doen to date, with more than 300 trucks needed, and will be heading deep into the drought-stricken area. More information is not available as yet, but this is going to be a huge undertaking, with lots of logistics to organise, and it is our privilege to be in a position to bring the STEEM community together to lend a hand. One truck really is the least we can do. I'd love to see two or three of more trucks sponsored by Steem. It will really make a big impression on how blockchain and crypto can make a real world difference.

How can you help

You can help in any way you like, be it an upvote, a resteem of a post, entering a competition to help raise funds... or make a small or large donation. Donations of any amount can be sent directly to @teamaustralia, and will go towards the $2500 we need to get the fuel in the truck with a banner on it. No contribution is too small. Let's start now!!


Now that you know what we're doing, it's time for you to jump on board and help me raise some STEEM for the Hay Runners. How would you like one of these?

I am donating my 2018 STEEM Silver Round #665/1500, and raffling it off to one lucky winner, including shipping anywhere worldwide. All it will cost you is 1 STEEM or SBD per ticket, with all proceeds going to the Hay Runners fundraising drive. Transfers need to be made to @bmj with Hayrunners raffle" in the memo.
There is no limit to the number of tickets to be sold, so buy as many as you like. When this post pays out, I will conduct a draw on Discord to find a winner.

All liquid rewards for this post will also go toward the Hay Runners fundraising drive, as will the liquid rewards for any post I publish using the #hayrunners tag. If you like, you could do the same.

Help me get the word out, and show you support with a resteem of this post, and help us show Australia the STEEM community really can make a difference to the lives of people out in the real world.

Oh, and don't forget to buy a ticket!!!

Ticket Sales so Far:


Thank you all for your support!

#hayrunners banner dsigned by @bearone

Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn

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Great work. I'll be joining the raffle. I've spent a lot of time in rural NSW & Qld and know how tough it is in drought.


Upvoted 100% and raffle entry paid.
Don't forget don't forget to sign up for Aussie Class Action against Crypto Ad Ban


First in! Thanks for the support!

This is me doing my bit for farmers in drought - before this big one happened. https://steemit.com/dlive/@apshamilton/11e2440a-a6ac-11e8-bfaa-0242ac110003

Giving you a 100% upvote to contribute to this great project.

Drought is taking a hold, great initiative for Australians to stand together, positive stance @bmj

I will do a direct donation now. (Shipping cost for the coin would be to much). I love Australia!


Thanks mate! Appreciate the kind gesture.

Great initiative. I'll be joining the raffle and posting away from various accounts to donate. Great job getting this up and going. Perhaps we could look at a #TeamAustralia Monster Raffle of some sort once the SteemSIlverGold one is over..... Everything donated to the #Hayrunners cause.


That will be awesome, thanks mate. A monster raffle sounds good. Maybe we can team up with steemsilvergold for one in a couple weeks time, and I'll put my second coin into that one. The #steemsilvergold raffle takes place on 1 Sept, so after that should be good.

well done my dear friend, very nice article.


Thanks you for your support @pushpen.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Good work setting this up!


It's a team effort for sure getting, and keeping something like this going. Thanks for your support.

Passed this on buddy, if I had more STEEM available, I'd jump in the raffle, love that coin!


Thanks mate! It is a great community coin.

I'll be entering the raffle for me and my two amazing Steempeers who work TIRELESSLY for @welcomewagon :)

so 3 steem - coming your way!
1 - @dreemsteem
2 - @saffisara
3 - @bluefinstudios

Thank you :) resteemed and upvoted too! Hope we chip away at that $2500 a bit at a time! Every bit helps!!!!


Every bit does help a lot. Thanks for your support😀 and good luck to those you bought tickes for

You have gotten a vote courtesy of @enginewitty!
They have enlisted the help of the @alliedforces!
We gladly answer your call!
(@alliedforces is a collaboration of witnesses @jatinhota & @enginewitty)
Have you supported your favorite witnesses?

Im in for 3 spots @bmj. Great raffle!!


Thanks @bearone!😁


Awesome! Thanks to both of you for your support! You're in the draw!

Nice work that you can share this on steem. Will write an interesting article dedicated for everyone involved. Thanks. And purchase some tickets


Thanks @neddykelly, that would be great! Thanks for your support.

I will donate by joining the raffle. Weather can be tough for farmers. It's the rainy season in Michoacan, Mexico right now.


Thanks @proto26 :) Weather can be very tough on the farmers sometimes. Thanks for your support!!