Hawala Monthly Review Jan 2018|World's first Real-time P2P Crypto-Fiat Currency Exchange

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The scope of the cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. It is highly wonderful to increase the convenience in the exchange and investment. In this article, you will come to know about the progress of Hawala because monthly review is available here.

We are living in a world of digital technology from the development of innovations to development of the smart homes. It promotes seamless transactions. Every industry feels the impact of innovation more than before. Crypto-currency is the due to this digital change in the world of technology. Etherum needs to seek to form these objectives come true. It boasts of many applications to assist users in all fields. Mining is a word that creates from the gold analogy of the cryptocurrency. Mining ethereum is to increase the volume of Enter in circulation. It is vital to secure the Ethereum network as it produces, propagates blocks, publishes, and verifies blocks in the blockchain. It is easy to use technology.


Mining Ether uses a lot of electricity. Through the sale, good income is generated if mining is carried out. To calculate profit the calculators for Ethereum mining are available. Any PC can be used to do ethereum mining. Your system just needs a graphic card of 2 GB RAM. The CPU mining takes more time and effort but gives little profit. The use of GPU is beneficial because it is better, faster and quicker than CPU. AMD cards are better. 

It is a long term system that is formed with the network of computers. The POW, proof of work is used in Ethereum. This is supported by blockchain technology such as Ethereum and bitcoin. The POW refers to the solution of complex equations. For a minor, this is a fundamental need. This is a profitable task that is designed to multiply the business by using the digital technology. 

Coin Swap

It is already mentioned that the procedure of coin swap has been started in the 31st Dec. 2017. Holders can swap their tokens in for the new IFS activated HAT. There are some factors need to be considered when swapping.

Check that your tokens are working under the old contract (0xc3972ac283b3a7a56125674631a5c254f7f373cf)

Do not send new token HAT or other tokens to the old contract address. It will be lost. It will be unable to retrieve.

You need to keep gas prices above safe limit and gas limit at the high value. It ensures that your transactions go through

If you are going to start with digital currency then you must be well-aware of the way to buy bitcoin. It is good to know which bitcoin exchange is suitable. Location of the exchange is very important in this regard. This factor is important because of the rules and regulation of the country. In many countries today, bitcoin is an unregulated currency. Government has controlled the transaction of the digital currency. Due to the terrorism, smuggling, illegal drugs and money laundering, the authorities monitor and control the Bitcoin network. 

Hawala Staking Wallet( alpha builds )

The use of the staking wallet is offered to the users for mobile and desktop. These development are in the early stages of the progress are capable of the following

Checking transactions

Send tokens to other wallet of erc 20

 Download here: https://hawala.today/download.php 

Earning and staking incentives

There are 2 ways by which a miner earns rewards to invest in the digital currency such as proof-of-stake (PoS) and Proof of Work. To discourage cyber-attacks like DDoS distributed denial of service attack; Proof of work is the ultimate solution. It is a protocol that has the objective to exhaust the resources of the system. In this process it discourages these attacks by releasing multiple fake requests. Before Bitcoin, the proof of work occurred. This is a user’s friendly method that increases the investment opportunity for the miners.

The proof-of-stake (PoS)is a diverse to confirm transaction based and attain the dispersed consensus and locking the quantity of coins or miner placing up a stake to verify the block of transaction. Its purpose is similar to the Proof of work and is an algorithm. But, the method to achieve the goal is a bit different. The producer of the new block is selected in a deterministic way depends on the wealth as well as explained as stake and there is no reward on block.

If you attain online bitcoin wallet, then it becomes easy to earn bitcoins. It is easy to get from Coinbase. Some other providers are also available for this purpose. By signing up with LocalBitcoins, a user can easily get bitcoin wallet. Be careful about money, because every wallet is not safe. 

Complete tasks on websites and earn free bitcoins

There are several websites that give opportunity to earn bitcoins. Users can get free bitcoins by just visiting the site. In this task, user can watch several ads, music clips and films and complete the tasks given on the site. 

From interest payments 

If a user has bitcoins already, then put these to work. By lending these bitcoins, you can earn a good percentage by lending them in the form of interest. It is the easiest ways to lend directly to the person you know already. It allows an easy access. 


 The majority of the exchanges have revised the fee structure in January.It is an innovative and the most efficient way that is used at the vast level due to the upgrading facility. You can avail it on your android as well for getting the updated rate that changes minute by minute. These are designed to provide you complete information and authentic calculation. These can be used at commercial level. These are professional in their services. You can avail the facility of exchange 24/7. This is a user’s friendly system that helps to improve your investment chances. This is designed to provide you comfort. 

 IDEX: https://idex.market/eth/hat
Stocks.Exchange: https://stocks.exchange/trade/HAT/BTC 

Bounty and Community

You will be happy that Bounties are back. Check on Bitcoingtalk ANN. By the passage of the time more bounties will be added. 


 Website: https://hawala.today

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/hawala_chat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hawalatoday 

Bitcoin talk forum ANN thread link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2285591 

White paper: https://www.hawala.today/HAT_Whitepaper.pdf 

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