Sunrise and Coffffeeeee Happy Day!

in #hawaii4 years ago


Sitting on my deck sipping my cup of creamy delicious organic coffee, listening to the doves sing their greetings of peace and tranquility before I go to the garden to water and pull out the weeds and Vines.


I feel such gratitude to our mighty Creator for bringing me back to this beautiful Paradise and away from all the madness of darkness and evil.


A PERFECT combination!

Yes indeed! Thanks for your support.

The sunrise is gorgeous! What a great way to start the day!

Wow what a view, stunning enjoy and thanks for sharing 💯🐒

Ahh thanks my friend and you are most welcome!

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Gratitude is such a beautiful thing I get it completely. The creator appreciates our gratitude @thethreehugs

Yes in deed He does and the more gratitude you show, the more beauty He bestows upon you.

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