Warning: One-piece snorkel sets may be killing people. If you go snorkeling, use the older kind! Contributed by @mahalo

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Nine people have drowned on the Hawaiian island of Maui in the last 13 days. Not all were snorkelers, but some were. They were found dead in the water with their snorkel sets on.

These were the new one-piece "full face" snorkel sets that have the mask and breathing tube fused together.

Hawaiian authorities are investigating the possibility that carbon dioxide builds up inside of these sets, killing people.

Source: Maui Alliance of Community Associations

“In the last few weeks Maui has experienced an unprecedented spike in ocean drowning incidents,” said Maui County Fire Services Chief Edward Taomoto, quoted by the MauiNow news service.

CBS News reported today that three men from Northern California's East Bay region each died in separate snorkeling incidents in Maui. The sites were on the southwest coast of Maui.

According to the article, high surf was not to blame: "That part of Maui is typically sheltered from big surf during the wintertime unless there’s a swell from the west, which hasn’t happened in the last two weeks."

Fire Chief Taomoto added authorities in Hawaii have noticed a recent increase in the number of snorkel-related drownings or near drownings that have involved the one-piece masks.

If the one-piece snorkel sets are to blame, then these are a dangerous product and their manufacturers should be liable for wrongful death. Shame on them. Don’t they test these things for safety before putting them on the market?

One piece, full face style. Source: Scuba.com

Ladies and gentlemen, please do yourself a favor. If you come to Hawaii or another warm-water destination on vacation, DO NOT use one of the one-piece snorkel sets. Snorkeling is a fun activity that brings you closer to the colorful fish in our bounteous ocean. But please use normal swim goggles or an older-style snorkel set with the breathing tube attached OUTSIDE the mask.

The older kind, with the separate breathing tube, apparently has not had these issues

Meanwhile, it's important not to jump to conclusions without more research, but it sounds quite possible that these mask manufacturers may have some explaining to do.





Source: Disney Aulani Resort

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there are so many thing that are not known to us thanks for sharing

I was given one of these snorkels, but I decided NOT to accept it. (about a year ago)
Thank you for the good information.

The bitter news for the families of the victims .. it is fitting that we avoid high-risk jobs.Thanks for [email protected] luck.

Thanks for the heads up man since i am gonna go snorkeling this weekend.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Thanks for sharing, here's an upvote for you

Good info, thanks for sharing.

Followed and upvoted, Expecting the same from you.

Thanks for the information, it's quite helpful and much appreciated


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The older kind was better because the breathing tube outside of the mask preventing the Carbon dioxide to enter the mask so that we are not inhale it again. Carbon dioxide can make someone that breathe it faint or even pass out and water is not the best place to pass out or faint.

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If this is a real issue, this could be a highly important PSA! If not, well, at least the idea was mentioned...?? Think before you swim!

If carbon dioxide really is the culprit that is a shame. Those masks actually look awesome. Heart goes out to the families of the people who have passed.

There are a number of reports about the unsafe use of these full face snorkel masks. I have seen them sold in the Decathlon stores in Singapore. Thanks for the valuable PSA!

Thank you for sharing this information, I appreciate you bringing light to "the unprecedented spike in ocean drowning incidents", this isn't something that is being widely publicized.

Good info, thanks for sharing

your post is great and interesting thanks for share
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It's incredible, you've asked how many lives could you be saving with this information? congratulations and thank you very much!

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