The Theater - Haunted Story

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My friend was a very daring person, some of things she dares herself to do are ridiculously scary, like spending a night alone in a cemetery, jumping from 2nd floor, eating weird items etc., But one day changed all of this/... she went from a brave soul who fears nothing to a paranoid person who developed severe anxiety.... That unfortunate day, she arrived at the party, we 5 friends frequently meet and have fun when one of the friends asked her about her new dare.. She said "Well, I have not thought about anything yet"

One of the other friends replied, "I heard that there was an abandoned theater in our outskirts where people do not go even in daylight..what about that?? if you are brave enough, spend a night"... She accepted and said "that is all? child's play" and took a sip... the other person said "so, when?"... she replied, "Tonight"... everybody's face changed as anxiety grew among the group... she bid adieu ..the other girls in her group warned her and tried to stop her but she was unstoppable...

She reached the place it was already 10 pm... the whole theater was completely dark with dust scattered all over with giant spider webs everywhere...she stood at the entrance for a minute and took her torch and stepped in... the theater was relatively small one, so it took her no time to reach the middle of it... she explored the whole theater, top to bottom and there was nothing but a eerie disturbing silence... she played with her phone for few mins, took few pics, set her vlog camera down and laid on the dusty floor...

She woke up in the middle of the night suddenly and checked the time ... 3:30 Am... she did not realize she fell asleep... a deep sleep she never had before... there was something disturbing about the theater, she looked around, she felt a strange presence around her, something is watching her constantly... her whole body felt a constant stare from a set of eyes... she started to shiver, her anxiety levels are hitting up, she suddenly noticed her camera .. she put it on the tripod, not it is not on it, the tripod was nowhere found... the camera was on floor and it was switched off... she picked up her camera and switched it on, she started to look at the recorded footage, there was no footage... her heart dropped... she felt dead inside out, she looked around and again back to her camera... she found hundreds and hundreds of photos of her sleeping, which were taken one for every minute she was there ...those pictures were of her, asleep in the middle of the theater, alone in the midnight....

She started to feel dizzy... she has to leave.. she has to go.. her legs are not co-operating her ... her body felt like it would shut down any minute.. she screamed, ''no no, not now'' and took deep breaths as she quickly scrolled pass the photos when reached the first ever pic that was clicked after she felt asleep.... it was a selfie, of a gigantic man, 7 ft tall, well built, looking directly at the camera with a evil laugh......

" do I look in the picture???" she heard the voice behind her back, ...

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Thanks for reading guys


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