Undercover Haturday

in haturday •  9 months ago

black hat sunglasses

Here’s what I was rocking the other day. Black hat with a feather, shades to hide the eyes, a bamboo and lace steampunk coat, and a scarf to cut the bite of the wind. Yes, that is snow back there. Still chilly up here in the mountains.

Every day is Haturday for me. Shout out to sweet @saffisara for this fabulous tag. I love that wearing this hat makes me think of you and smile.

Peace. @katrina-ariel

Katrina Ariel

Banner by @PegasusPhysics

the alliance
Banner by @bearone


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Looks very pretty and good, I like to see it
Have a nice day


Thank you. Have a nice day yourself. :)


I hope so ..,
Can help me with pleasure

Smooth looking hat @katrina-ariel . I like it


Thank you! It's fun. Wish this pic got the feather, but will try to do it justice next time. :)

Cool! Another BC steemian to follow and you have style! @katrina-ariel
Pretty stoked, also that purple hat is fab! I would rock it too.

I absolutely love that undercover mysterious look on you 🕵️ and cool outfit and amazing hat
Also that purple hat gets me everytime 🤗
Thank you for the sweet mention and I love how your posts makes me smile to 😉 you Rock!
Love you my friend ❤️❤️❤️ Happy weekend and Easter 🐥

Where did you get that hat? Very fetching, you look like a Private Investigator!


A beautiful hat contains a lot of creativity... I liked it... Have a good day.

a hat lover, I like hats too! Congrats on your 5 Steem tonight!