🎩Start It Off Right With #haturday!

in haturday •  5 months ago


I have a realtree feel to me today. He he he. Gonna go sit behind some trees in the field and see if the girls can find me Lol! Be fun to have a huge game of hide and seek, wouldn't it? Have a good day my peoples😎

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Awesome...truly awesome!!! :) :)


Thanks bro!

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That sounds like a great plan and fun to for the girls 😉 and sit by the tree is my favorite thing. Read or just sit there and look around.
Have a wonderful day. Hugs🤗 n kisses 😘


You too sweetness! Good trees around here to chill under too😎

Hooray for haturday!! At first I thought haturday was only on Thursdays, but I see that it can be any day! Have a great day with your girls!! :)


Before I went vegan, my husband used to go hunting

He dressed up exactly like you in this pic, Justin 😁 same kind of t-shirt and cap!


I havent hunted since my dad went to NC😔

My kind of day. Sit behind a tree, just being there. I like climbing trees too and just stand or sit on a branch! Alas, there are no large trees to climb where I live now. I better find me a tree. Have a great day, my friend.


You too sweets, my girls are wanting me to finish the tree house I started last year. Need to get a rope bridge and some other materials. They love climbing! I used to a lot as a kid...then I climbed a jack pine. I was sticky for DAYS.

OMG can I play hide and seek too? My only problem would be an obsessive need to know where my kids are at all times. Good thing they usually pick the same hiding spot and giggle most of the time. ;) But a massive adult hide and seek game sounds like serious fun!!!


Lmao so do mine. In the house one time, we were playing and Luna hid behind the chair. She got real close and hunched down real good and I swear I looked there twice and didnt see her and finally she started cacklin and gave herself away😆

great picture 👍


Thank you :)

I would like to see the surroundings! (^_^)


At least a Find @enginewitty In The Foliage pic would be fun. 😎


Ha ha that would be cool

Go have some fun. Haturday, you good on it, definitely the girls will come searching


They love playing!

He's back :)

I can see them now, running around and looking for you and you were somewhere in plain sight :D


Lol right above their heads 😆

Have a good day @enginewitty. Hide & seek - princesses would love to play I’m sure.


Always do. Especially before bedtime for some reason...

I thought you were gonna say sit behind a tree and wait for some deer :)
Like the look, man.

I thought you were gonna say sit behind a tree and wait for some deer :)
Like the look, man. Have fun with some Hide and Seek with the girls. One of our fav games as well


Two older girls have expressed quite a bit of interest in hunting 😎

Hats are magical....they protect your head, they warm your brain and are freaking cool
nice post


Hell ya hats are the bees k-neez. Have 4 different camo ones alone😎

thats camo cool, but cooler to play hide and seek the with the girls, you know they love it.


Heck ya they do man! One of their fav games :P