The Jamaican Hat Man: A Passion Was Born (Thanks ReggaeSteem!)

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The Hat Man Made Me Think About ReggaeSteem Differently With This ONE

I have content for days that I love sharing will all of you. I could literally post every day, 3 times a day, for years and still have Jamaican related content to push out. This will always be the case. That's overburdening however and I would never do that. I try to keep it reasonable. Five to seven posts per week is realistic while also keeping the quality high. I prime myself on this aspect because that's what we here on ReggaeSteem are known for, right fam?

I've been mixing up the bag lately, bringing a new flavor of hotel and restaurant reviews, experiences from my times to Negril, while also never forgetting to shill JAHM and ReggaeSteem in the process. It's only right I am doing that with every post I pump onto the feed, so expect nothing less.

Now, in this post, I bring you the Jamaican hat man. Literally, look at all these hats.

Jamaica 2014 245 (2).jpg
This picture was lightened for improved viewing purposes - check out the hat man!

Jamaica 2014 058.jpg
Check out Mitchigan'z hat! I wonder if he got it from the hat man, too?

He prowls the 7-mile carrying around this massive stack of hats, which are all handmade by the hat man himself. I actually bought the one I am wearing in this very photo. I still have it today and rock it sometimes when I feel them 7-mile beach vibes getting too distant. Usually it just makes me want to go back to Negril right then and there, but this trip - for me - is SOON COME.

Since finding ReggaeSteem, I have had a place to genuinely share content I love and I thoroughly enjoy sharing every single post in which I publish. Most everything ReggaeSteem feels like HOME and I can honestly say without ReggaeSteem my STEEM journey would be much less fun than it currently is. Most of my posts are tagged #jahm or #reggaesteem and some people may find a way to critique this because it's "always the same." Well not exactly, but we are all entitled to our own opinions, especially on a decentralized social networking platform.

I think that's far from the truth as all of my posts are uniquely different, but somehow or some way related to Jamaica and the Caribbean culture. I find a way to keep the content flowing because I am a natural content creator. I don't think about it beforehand, I simply sit down and just bust posts out on the fly. I hardly ever create a post, save as a draft, go back and edit, and then post at a later date. JAHMing has become a daily hobby of mine and it's simply built into my routine at this point.

Jamaica 2014 244.jpg
Full spectrum of hats seen in this photo. Check out the darkness compared to the feature photo

Jamaica 2014 240.jpg
Look how blue that Caribbean sea is - see you in June?

Everything has a meaning, and my intent is to continually bring new flares and flavor while doing what I actually enjoy. As an open forum for content creators to share, STEEM has allowed for me to find a place where I feel welcomed and I see no reason to stray away from something that allows me to openly and freely express my thoughts, feelings, insights, personal experiences, etc. That's what it's all about. ReggaeSteem has become a passion. I can't help but follow my passions, and you should, too - whatever it may be.

The hat man has his own passion - creating a product with his bare hands from start to finish. There's something about creating a product from scratch, seeing that product manifest in stages, putting in the work, and watching someone walk away with something you poured your blood, sweat and tears into making. The hat man genuinely loved seeing me wear his hat, walking away that day on the 7-mile, rocking it Jamaican style. A memory forever lived for the both of us. Irie.

Jamaica 2014 243.jpg
Scuba Steve and I chilling out at the SKA enjoying some good Jamaican eats

Jamaica 2014 249.jpg
Jamaican vibrations from Coletta's dining room

Next thing we know, the hat man will be customizing ReggaeSteem logo hats and selling them on the 7-mile to locals, tourists, and businesses alike. It's only a matter of time! Soon Come!

What Are YOU Waiting For - Come Join Us On ReggaeSteem Today!

Screenshot (59).png


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Hello friend, all your photos
really full of charm are very beautiful ..

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thank you. There’s something about this place that resonates with me as home

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I feel you!
Home is where the Heart is, right :)

Yes mon!! Negril - the heart and home of RS ;)

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That leather hat looks great.

Greetings, brother.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I’m sure he would appreciate your words even more than I !

Thanks jadnven 😎

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would love to snag one of those hats, great pics the beach view is very peaceful

I’m sure he has some more from the stack haha shoulda seen him lugging those bad boys around.

The views are never a disappointment - even when it rains midday

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All hand real?
No made in China :P
I could need a new one!
See you in June, Conrad mi bredda! :)

Ya mon, so that’s what he said. I believe the woven hats, yes, but the leather ones I’m not so sure..

Definitely not made in China - that’s most what you’ll find downtown in the Times Square by the old hi lo supermarket. Those shops are mass produced with goods

See you Bredda !!!

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Yeah, i know dem shops :)
Soon come!

@conradsuperb those hats looks beautiful and they are so nice,how much is it??and how can one buy it??

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They are quite nice. The one I’m wearing I paid 10 US dollars for. The hats ranged in price depending on style and material.

The only way I’m aware buying unique handmade merchandise on the beach is actually going to Negril. I’m sure one can purchase online but you can’t feel and see the product to know it’s the real deal

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i love to see items that are handmade and unique in its design...thanks for this interesting post @conradsuperb

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Quite cool seeing this sort of merchandise traveling the 7-mile beach in negril. Everyone has a craft. This guys just so happened to be cool rasta hats :)

Thank you @magre

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Those are some cool hats. You chose the right one with the flag stripes. How much did they cost?

I feel the irie from the heartness force in this post LOL)

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Ya mon he had the vibrations stacked on his head, what he could carry, the rest were in his hand as he traversed the 7-mile. paid $10 US at the time - was roughly 1100 - 1200 Js

Reggaesteem is onelove for me, bredda

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If my memory serves me right, the cost of that stylish hat was $10.
Souvenirs are always
recommended on vacations,
just like a photo. Brings back
positive memories.

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