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HATRED. (When the heart is boiling)

Going on with black heart_
And cold blood in man's domain_
Practice of Spartacus_
In toast of unforgettable memories.

Seeing what killed love_
And the hand that poured sand on my Garri_
Inflate the dark side of life_
To manifest here and there.

The agent of revenge_
With no mercy left to spell_
Savior of doomsday_
And emancipator of helpless vipers.

The heat that hit_
And hit that heat_
Healing hatred in hell of hostilities.

Giver of pains and twinge spasm_
Radiating what innocence saw and fear
With empty courage aloft in sky_
A sting that conjure mind to bleed.

The name I call you is vast_
Stealing from joy
And planting tears to come.

Manager of destruction_
Maintenance of debauchery diabolism.
Maker of dark dagger_
And man of disappointment.

The water that washed eyes
With blood and heart, with black blood_
The endless praise of revenge

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Very impressive style you have. This is a really rich piece that hits that mark with precision. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you so much

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