Top 4 Online Hatha Yoga Teacher Training In Los Angeles

Here's a well-compiled list of hatha yoga teacher training in Los Angeles with the prices and every other necessary information that will enable you to make a wise choice. These #onlineclasses are near you.

Despite the closure of most studios in LA due to the pandemic that has befallen the entire world, (Covid-19) you can still acquire your 200-hour #YogaAlliance teaching certification online near you.

LA has diverse options to complete a #200-hourteachertraining program such that one will encounter difficulty in trying to make a choice. The majority of the training in LA usually lasts for a few months and you can select a course for any yoga style of your choice.

Below are some of the options from which you can choose

1. One Down Dog

One down dog, a five-star rated studio located in LA and is more concerned with the development of a community of supportive yogis who will at all times put a smile on the faces of each other. Asides from making long-lasting friendships, you will also be educated on the yoga histories and #philosophy and its application to 21st-century Western lives. You'll also get the opportunity to be educated on the principles of anatomy and its application in a #yogaclass.

Classes will be held on meditation, adjustments, alignment, and sequencing and also on the process of making a yoga playlist and the process of developing a #yogabusiness. This training will assist one in finding a perfect balance between learning and getting prepared to become a teacher.

Duration: six months, every other weekend

Price: $2500 to $3000

Yoga Style: Hatha


2. Yoga Works Los Angeles (And online)

Yoga works is an accredited training school and a yoga alliance rated 5-star. They have exercised over 25 years of experience training successful teachers, ever since the inception of yoga works, their alumni have risen to the extent of becoming some of the world's most famous #yogateachers.

This course will grant you access to master the fundamentals and so after you may have completed the program, your successful journey towards becoming a yoga teacher begins. You may decide to devote 12 weekends over 4 months to this course or probably do an intense course for one month. Monday-Friday.

Be sure to expect a professional experience at yoga works and life-transforming yoga training.

Duration: four months to twelve weekends or one-month Mon -Fri

Price: $3700

Yoga Style: Hatha


3. Rising Lotus Yoga School

Rising lotus yoga school will be a great place to consider for training not with standing if you've got interested to teach or rather get a broader knowledge and experience of the ancient science of yoga. You will acquire knowledge of yoga philosophy that you can incorporate in your daily life for self-growth and you will have the ability to distribute this knowledge through the designation of transformative classes.

The basic 200-hour training at rising lotus yoga school is split into two modules: the first 120-hours places concentration on deepening one's practice, the breath, #meditation, #Asana, and sequencing. The second module is 80 hours of helping at classes, learning the psychology of teaching, and attending workshops that are not included as part of the course fee.

Duration: Thirteen weekends

Price: Module one: $2250 – $2350 + Module two: $700 – $800

Yoga Style: Hatha


4. Black Dog Yoga Teacher Training

At Black Dog yoga, the #200-houryogateachertraining program suits all yoga Alliance prerequisite with a well-balanced curriculum that covers both the physical aspects of yoga and as well philosophy and Anatomy.

You will be educated on the detailed breakdown, anatomy & analysis of poses at black dog yoga. You will also be taught about chakras, yoga sutras, breathing and meditation, and also philosophy. They will be very specific in educating you on how the yoga business works, things that distinguish you, and what draws students to your classes.

The duration of this training is 2 months during which you'll be granted the opportunity to participate in any of the classes at black dog yoga at no cost. And the training is just near you. And once you complete your training, you will be permitted to render some assistance to the classes.

Duration: 2 months

Price: $2500, payment plans available

Yoga Style: Hatha


Did you know you that...?

You can acquire your #yogateachercertification in Arhanta yoga for prices similar to the majority of the teacher training in LA studying with genuine Indian yoga masters?

Our Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour teacher training programs employ teachers from both East and West thereby giving access to students from all parts of the world to have a spiritually uplifting experience.

Visit our yoga teacher training page, to get more information and make a reservation for the upcoming training.

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