Hate speech...

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Hate Speech

In your vaunted halls of tolerance
You of the virtue signalling dance
I see you chanting as if in a trance
Demanding equality and a chance

Speaking of free speech as a rule
You deem what you dislike as cruel

It inspires hate so it should be banned
Ignoring the hate and where it stands
The hate has taken a root in fertile land
Sadly its in your mind you don't understand

The person who speaks something you don't like
Is generally against you not making a strike

You hear that which you don't like, that which you hate
For the person that spoke, it is now too late
The fire burns in your own mind, it brims with hate
You're lungs will fill and you'll bellow about stopping hate

It's too bad you don't see
That it is you against the free

You consider freedom of speech to only be
That which makes sense that your mind can see
If it fails to meet this criteria in thee
You'll ban and suppress in hypocrisy

Hate is an emotion inside of you
You must control it this is true

When the hate arises from within
It is your job to resist acting on whim
Attacking others expresses the sin
The hate truly resides above your chin

Speech is not hate it is only words
Hate is a mind reaction filled with turds

If you would truly stop hate look in your mind
For only there can you hate lock and bind
Controlling the minds of others you cannot find
Only you can choose to stop being blind

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nice poem..

Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)
Relevance: Free Speech Poem
Our Purpose

anather lovely writing i see here its beautifull thankyou for shareing...

Nice your poem post

Just like the definition of anger(the punishement we give to ourself for someones else mistake. Hate speeches has to stop as it threathen our chance of cohabitating with one anothee peaceful.


Hate speech is not a thing.

It is fiction.

The hate occurs in the mind. Generally the person most hateful and acting with the most anger and aggression is actually the person talking about "hate speech".

If you want to stop hate speech. Look within yourself, as when you hear something that makes you angry, and makes you rage, that anger and that rage happens within you.

That is the ONLY mind you can control.

So learn to control it, rather than advocating censoring other people.


wow. thanks!


I thought of another simple way to say this.

There is no hate speech, only hate of speech.

nice poem bro

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