HashKings needs two more beta testers

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Do you want to be one of the first people to play? I know some of you have already purchased plots, well Now is the time to redeem them!

In order to play you have to have steem keychain installed and using the interface:

  1. Delegate 20 Steem to hashKings
  2. Pick a plot and pay 0.5 steem leasing fee
  3. Purchase 1 of 3 bags of seeds 3
  4. Plant your seeds
  5. Water your garden daily

Thats it! Once we have the last 2 beta tester watering then I can turn on payouts!

Join the HashKings server and DM me for the UI link

Stay Smokin


I’m already playing, and enjoying it very much!!!

You forgot to put a link in

I already sent 20 Steem to get the plot of land did not know we could delegate but it turns out to be the same thing right when I do not want my land I get 19.5 Steem sent back right.

Can I play without the VR yet. I want to buy some seeds and start.
So to be clear all I need is to buy seeds and thats it? Nothing extra to water or etc.

Been busy probably missed a bunch of updates.

Hey good questions and I think I already answered them in DM but for those not privy to the information, yes its the same thing you get your Steem back. Now you can fully play, including watering and planting your seeds. :)

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