HASHGRAPH - Our future instead of Blockchain - A video collection and more info

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The more I read, the more I watch the videos about Hashgraph, the more I'm sure it will be our future instead of the blockchain technology.
What happens when someone builds a distributed ledger technology that is safer than the competition and operates at 50,000 times the speed? That’s Hashgraph. Hashgraph is not Blockchain. It's an entirely new distributed ledger technology.
It will be the future and I believe the future of Steemit, too. That's why it's so important to inform us about Hashgraph.
In the following videos are various detailed descriptions what Hashgraph is and how it works.

Prof. Leemon Baird, the founder and some people of his team aswell as some other guys describe Hasgraph in the following videos. Some are a little bit longer, take your time for watch, you can take a look at your future.



The next video is created by "Gold-Guru" Mike Malony.
Can you imagine what it mean when a gold worshiper is so deeply involved with crypto technology, even create a own video about it?
Then you can imagine how important and forward-looking this technology must be!



Here are some links to the websites:


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Thanks for that. I've been Youtubing a lot about hashgraph too.


You're welcome, nice to hear.
Best regards

Thanks for sharing the news about Hashtag. I watched that 1st video. The idea is incredible and I wouldn't be surprised if it is soon adopted as a better ledger method. :)


Yes, it is, if that's really true about what they speak, I'm not a nerd,hehehe, it will be the future. The only problem was for many people until now that hashtag is not a open source, but yesterday I read a statement of one of the hashgraph guys, they will think about that and will make it to open source if the people want.