Hashflare - My $500 End of May Review + Best Daily Mining Pool - 01-JUN-2018

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What do I say about the month of May on Hashflare? Honestly, there isn't much to say. Bitcoin has been below $10k all this month and Hashflare has been performing piss poor. I'm not even going to bother showing updated charts because there really is nothing new to show from the previous month. In my opinion, if Bitcoin doesn't go up soon, I will be lucky to get my $500 investment back or the minimum withdraw amount.

The pools are so close together that it almost doesn't matter which one you pick. In fact, you are probably better off just picking the top 3 with Antpool getting the majority of your shares. That way you'll increase your luck on payouts. I am starting to wonder if it even matters to be honest. What is the likelihood that Hashflare even changes your pool settings other than what you see on the dashboard?

I would like to also say that I am a little disappointed that Hashflare didn't compensate any of its users that paid the $2.20 rate when things were going good for them and they got greedy. Things went to shit and they dropped the price as nobody was investing or current users weren't reinvesting. I have a feeling, in the end, I might get my money back, If I do, I basically paid for Hashflare to buy mining equipment with an interest free loan. I'm actually wondering if they will stick around long enough to get my money out or if they'll exit scam.

Anyways, sign up under my referral ID and good luck... LOL!!!

Daily SHA-256 best mining pool based on Bitcoin per 1 TH/s

AntPool is the winner!!