Hashflare Bi-Weekly - Best SHA256 Daily Mining Pool - 26-MAY-2018

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Daily SHA-256 best mining pool based on Bitcoin per 1 TH/s

AntPool is the winner!!

On May 1, 2018 I updated my original article and provided My End of April $500 Hashflare review. In this article I show a one month investment with Hashflare and my thoughts on it for that month. I will continue to provide a bi-weekly Hashflare Pool if their is interest in this. Otherwise, I may just provide the info once a week, or if the stats change to a new pool.

We do have to be wary though. If one pool gains too many miners than we could enter into the 51% attack. What is the 51% attack? It is when one person or group controls over 50% of the coins hashing power. Although only hypothetical, It could give attackers the ability to manipulate a coins transactions, double spending and more.

If Hashflare is something that interests you, visit their link below.


hii, hashflare is not profitable.. i found: https://www.hashmania.net/?ref=471

they just started and in the first 30 days they give away 150 ghz free.

no deposit
withdraw proof on youtube
no requirements

let me know how you experiance it, i will give you a follow and like if you use my refferal link!