Best Mining Pool Settings for Hashflare

in hashflare •  last year

best mining pool setting for hashflare.jpg

Everytime you change your mining pool setting, you see the payout go far less than previous day.

"Oh, I did it again!"
" I shouldn't change pool setting!"
" I'm so stupid."

Ohhh wait, it's not so true.

I wanted to find out what was the best setting I should have set.
To see that, I needed the payout data of all the mining pools, which is "Antpool, BTCChina, BW .com, F2pool, Slush".

Now I'm showing those info on my spreadsheet.

You can see it doesn't differ much, but it does a little, and the best mining pool setting changes day by day!!!

If you are feeling the same way as I was before, feel free to use my spreadsheet info.
Updated daily.

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I emailed and they replied that Antpool is the best for now. and this proves it THANKS! :)

Hello, thanks for all you work putting this up and giving us the daily payouts.. hope you keep updating it..

The first discount code on the bottom of your spreadsheet worked for me this morning. so its confirmed for now..

Contact us if you want to get 15% to 20% discount on hashflare mining contracts.

any questions:


Thank you for your work.
Will try it right away. 👍
I understand that settings should be 100% on one pool.