Monday Morning Marijuana with Kief Preston

in hash •  10 months ago

What's good people!

Another Monday is upon us. And I'm getting stoned as shit today.



While I was exploring Barcelona last week I was able to join a cannabis club out there and actually pick up some nice smoke. Besides the Psy Diamnond Indica which makes me super hungry, I initially also got a g of GSC and a g of some Ice Kush, but those are both gone now =)


The prices on hash were low (from 6 - 20 Euro per g) and lots of people out here roll that shit in spliffs and just smoke walking down the street, so that's what I've been doing too =). This Gold 24k is a heavy hitting indica based hash that will put you on the couch. As a matter of fact it is the reason why I'm posting this so late in the day. I literally fell asleep after smoking a bowl of this hash.


The Black Dolls look and smells like some classic Afghani hash that has always been pretty common around Europe. Planning on blazing this tonight before bed.

I feel like it's gonna be a pretty chill Monday!

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Nice! Barceona is sick what with the association clubs :) Somehow I wasnt following you lol.
Are you from the USA? In europe i have if ever- never had a problem to walk around smoking joints in any country, but in spain theres no problem with it atall! hmmm that gold hash looks yum!

Really good post on marijuana. Uploaded photo is great job.


thank you. glad you like it.

I love regular ole Bubble Hash.

Yeah quality of hash in Spain has been going up since they've started making bubble in Morocco and taking it across the border. But this might be produced locally too :)


And its only been legal to grow personal since year (or two i forget completely!) so that means that people double the amount of plants they used to grow for "personal" use lol


They have it going in Spain. Under social cannabis club label they do what the fuck they want, mate. And it's not like legally they can grow fields of weed. It's just coppers look the other way most of the time :)


Yeh its not legal to farm but before it was made legal to grow for personal use,people already grew personal use plus a bit more to trade, and since its legal and is ignored by the filth, people will naturally be growing more,thus creating more in circulation 😁


the club said they make some of their own but did not say where the other stuff they had came from. being an American MMJ patient, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the flower and hash out here in Spain


I assume it's all indoor, so it doesn't really matter where it comes from. Indoor weed is not about terroir, but abut the setup and the grower.

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