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On HarmonyOne and the future

We're about to finish another year. We hope to achieve better living standards, more prosperity in the new year. At the same time, winning and is our desire to make the right investments.
In this study, I would like to talk about the things we expect in general; cryptocurrencies, in particular, the situation of the HarmonyOne project in particular.

There has been an intense debate in recent times about the direction of Bitcoin and the value it could go. This discussion and the ongoing developments directly affect the altcoin market. According to some, the price of Bitcoin in the New Year 3000 USD will test, while others argue that it will see five figures. My goal is not to be a party to the speculation on this issue. Discuss the plans and projections of the HarmonyOne project in light of these discussions and to present a perspective. The reviewers will appreciate that this is a review article. It is not investment advice. More information about the project https://harmony.one can be reached at/. For discussion, suggestions, and information about the community https://t.me/harmony_one and https://t.me/harmony_announcements, their addresses can be referenced.
First of all, unlike the general market, I believe that each project has its internal power and dynamism. From this perspective, the future projections of the HarmonyOne project are important.

Let's look at a few key features of the platform together:

-In September 2018, Internal testnet results recorded a speed of 118,357 TPS on 41 thousand machines on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Cloud servers.
-Efficient broadcasting with Kademlia-based routing and deletion Code to achieve a block synchronization time of 1.36 seconds
-The rapid Byzantine Fault Tolerance (FBFT) consensus protocol was developed from PBFT using BLS (Boneh-Lynn-Shacham) multiple signatures.
-PoS-based full fragmentation scheme
-Unprinted and unpredictable node selection using distributed random generation (DRG) in conjunction with correct delay function (VDF) and Adaptive-Threshold staking system
- To verify and process operations, The Shard Chain, and Beacon Chain infrastructure. (Look at : https://medium.com/astronaut-capital/ieo-review-harmony-one-on-binance-launchpad-720e24146047)


HarmonyOne team has tried to reach their roadmap targets continuously over the past six months.The year 2020 will also be a year of intense work and publicity for Harmony. It is possible to summarize these studies at three levels.
A-cross-Border Service Program: opening the fiat-cryptocurrency gateway for trading in China-Yuan, India-Rupee, Vietnam-Dong currencies at the points where HarmonyOne project focuses on the Asian continent. To enable p2p, KYC-verified derivative transactions, and stock exchange transactions in its infrastructure. To allow staking to ensure that assets and derivatives introduced to the market.
B-increasing the number of participants, purses, and verifiers: thus supporting distributed development. To improve the infrastructure of providing communication through blockchain on a decentralized network. To provide a transparent environment for project contributors and investors. Provide facilities at the point of cash flow and payments.
C-Auditable Privacy: develop security keys to ensure security. To make it possible to navigate between applications with one click, thus bringing comfort along with safe.
Look at article by Stephen Tse https://medium.com/harmony-one/harmony-2019-review-progress-plan-token-unlock-dd82d6a441c4


Next year and beyond, we will see the Harmony project complete its institutional structure. It will be a project that has achieved its goals and will contribute to blockchain technology as a global project. Thus, I think he will have the opportunity to realize the vision of a fairer economic structure.


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