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Based on the definition of harmony it is said to be a fully scalable, provably secure and energy efficient blockchain based on sharding technology.

From my understanding this projects is likely trying to make us know that they are building a reliable task that can make us build trust in other to have a reliable blockchain using sharding technology.

What is sharding technology ?

Sharding technology is not new while talking about cryptocurrency because it seems to be a tool or system that have been used on the blockchain for years.

Sharding technology this implies the act of a type of database that differentiate larger databases into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts called data shards.

With my knowledge I think the sharding technology enables us to use this platform easily without stress and also is faster to use.

Based on my research the Sharding implementation in blockchain technology, however, is much more complex. This is because blockchains require all nodes to carry all data on the blockchain.

I don't really know the reason but would like to know why?

How can projects benefit from using Harmony as their underlying infrastructure?

Based on my own little understanding I know that every projects on a blockchains would have it's up and down in other to have a reliable source. That why the Harmony project is there for you because been mention earlier is a project that you can rely on, because Is more easier, faster and reliable with the support of Sharding technology.

What makes Harmony better than other sharding networks?

There was a comparison between Elrond Network and Harmony and this was done by Robert sasu who is a Core Developer at elrondnetwork. He gave gave his on point on Telegram regarding the sharding differences between Elrond Network and Harmony.

He said"Both Elrond and Harmony proposes full sharding solutions - transactions, network and state sharding. Although Harmony proposes full sharding, one validator with more stake will be receive voting shares in every shard through a single epoch. If a validator has to cast a vote in one shard, it needs to know all the state from that shard - this is not a real state sharding. Furthermore, they resharding algorithm is done at the end of the epoch, and one validator assigned to a new shard has to synchronize with the state of that shard.

To me this was one of his point. He was trying to balance the two Sharding networks on the same level but everyone has his oen opinion to make that is his part which he noticed. But i still believe the Harmony platform still remain the best which is very reliable and easy to access.

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