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So you haven't heard there is a mini-series being worked on for a mini-series set in the near future where decentralized factions battle against centralized one for control. It is an interesting idea and they looking for collaborative ideas so use #hardforkseries if you have any ideas you want to share. But keep in mind any ideas that come under that tag will be of free use for the team and they are not liable to you. I might make a post or two.

But I also had the idea to write a book based on their world. Different series have books that take place in the same world but tell a different story with different characters. If I can get approval from the team and make it an 'official' hardfork novel maybe I can write one to help expand their world.

Here are some ideas:

A prequel. I do not know how far in the future this novel will start and I can write something that helps to bridge the gap. I picture this scene of the first store that only takes decentralized currency and the conversation that follows.

Another country. Depending on how far reaching this story is I can chronicle the adventures in another country that is hacing the same power struggle.

A steemit conversation. There can also be a story that is told entirely in post format that talks about the events and how the average person is being effected about it.

I will need more info on the hardfork world to proceed but can write a book that can compliment the world well. I would also be willing to split some of the revenue with the team or use it to buy and burn steem. As far as support just official stamp on the book and maybe the finances to publish it if we wanted to take it to the public.

What do you think?

**@funny is also my account

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@whatageek writing a book that compliment the world well is cool. At least it will open eyes of many that are ignorant on this fact, this is just my thinking anyway I'm sound to be corrected. Good post buddy

I think it's a great idea. Maybe adding people from all walks of life socioeconomically and how it changed their lives. I recently read a post where someone gave all the details of their rags to riches story. LOVED IT!