If you don't fix the issue with the comments/edits closing after 7 days I'm selling allsteemCreated with Sketch.

in hardfork •  last year
I love Steemit, but 30 days was bad enough now you want to close comments after 7?

Maybe you could get away with it if you had a chat, but you don't and neither does busy.org because it's not in chain and it keeps failing on me.

Comments are the way to keep things alive, it's why people will be creating most accounts, to be able to leave a comment telling someone to fuck off. I think they should be able to do that after 7 days, hell, I think they should be able to do that a year into the publication.

I tried justifying this by telling others closing the comments after 30 days could encourage the user to keep making posts to always have a comment thread open, but I can't make that case anymore, not with 7 days, it feels forced.

I really hope this is just a mistake, if not please let me know so I can start my power down.

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Better yet, I'd like to see someone try to justify this if it was made on purpose.

I thought this was fixed in the recent hardfork? It's possible that the front end isn't updated for it yet.


Do you see what I see? If you scroll down you should see some comments that are only six days and those you can reply on, the rest is closed. Look at all those views from that post we are missing out on just because the comments are closed they can't leave a comment to that content producer.

I guess in theory you could extend the comments so long as the last one keeps getting replied to before 7 days...I really hope this is only a mistake and can be reverted quickly.


Yeah, top level comments appear to be disabled. Not sure if it's a front end or back end bug though.


As long as we agree that this is a bug I'm at peace

Weird this should be fixed as of hardfork 18 it must be a bug as it was tested and working

Agreed! I thought the 30 days was Steem's biggest draw back and they changed it to 7? 1st I heard of this, hopefully it will be resolved and not another case of a great platform being messed up for greed or poor decisions

I'm with you on that one!

I think commenting should go on for ever. Editing should have some sort of a limit but 7 days is way too short maybe a month or two.

i had no idea. That's bad if it's intentional.......Surely this is a mistake?


Fingers crossed!


After writing my own post about this issue I received a response yesterday and it looks like the issue is fixed now