Keeping Calm While Getting Ready For the Fork

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Equihash mining means @taskmanager will be joining the mining race, once I figure out exactly how to set it all up of course. Then figure out a way to put some of these nicehash rentals available to use.


With the changes to Steem Power we can likely expect some market volatility, and I plan to take advantage. Buys will be made and small amounts will be sold during highs, all in the name of furthering the amount of Steem Power in the @taskmanager coffers.

Bitshares users can take advantage in the moving markets between TASKMANAGER, BTS and STEEM to make nice profits.

Taskmanager may be making a change in the rewards system soon, giving out TASKMANAGER daily, then rewarding the holders of TASKMANAGER via a buyback with OPEN.STEEM. You can watch the buyback grow in the savings account. Buyback may also come from other sources to help generate funds for @taskmanager. @d3nv3r and I will be doing another joint giveaway for users new and old of the bitshares network.


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I still have no idea what all that does but I'm gonna sit on it like a good hen on her egg.

I'm working on ways to make it all easier for everyone. I wont be the only one with an asset representing their account on bitshares soon...
It works a lot like poloniex only on blockchain and users can create their own tokens. TASKMANAGER is like an IOU, certain times through the year it will be bought back with STEEM and BTS.

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Look forward to it.
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i used the link to make bitshares account any link you have to better understand the site that i can be trading and discovering how all that works

learning how to trade will be covered over the next week