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RE: Sad, but not yet defeated.

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I have had responses from some of my current witnesses. I appreciate that as I am one of their constituents. The concerns you express are viable and I understand as well as empathize with your current state of mind concerning our STEEM World and the direction it is taking.

You, like myself and many others, are devoted and loyal to this platform. That may be why at times we are critical of its direction. Constructive criticism is not disloyalty, actually; it is a sign of great loyalty!

Since I believe this post deserves mass distribution, I will be tagging a number of witnesses I currently and have in the past endorsed below.

actifit @actifitadsactly @adsactlyaggroed @aggroedats-witness @ats-witness
ausbitbank @ausbitbankc0ff33a @c0ff33aclayop @clayopdanielsaori @danielsaori
drakos @drakosenginewitty @enginewittyfollowbtcnews @followbtcnewsfyrst-witness @fyrst-witness
guiltyparties @guiltypartiesjackmiller @jackmillerjustyy @justyymahdiyari @mahdiyari
neoxian @neoxianpfunk @pfunkpharesim @pharesimpoetsunited @poetsunited
reggaemuffin @reggaemuffinroelandp @roelandpsteemgigs @steemgigssteemitboard @steemitboard
themarkymark @themarkymarktimcliff @timcliffura-soul @ura-soulyabapmatt @yabapmatt
yehey @yeheyquochuy @quochuy (NEW)

The above list is not current as I am reviewing my witness endorsements due to HF21 as well as other factors.

A good resource to see what witnesses are up to is provided by @thewitnesspage a compendium of current witness blogs and witness related matters managed by @jackmiller.

For a look at the technical performance of witnesses, one may visit managed by the witness @drakos.


Thanks for doing that sarge! don't know what becomes of anything anymore - but I do know - no one can say I didn't fight for what I believe in!

and... three posts with all organic upvotes and resteems and comments galore?

I think a lot of people find this topic worthy of discussing MUCH longer.

think we will be heard? hm.. i guess we will see.

Unlike those that were not happy about the election of my current President and threatened to leave the Country for places North of the border, I have chosen not to take that route.

It may be viewed by some to be a sinking ship but, I for one am here for the long haul. I guess I will stay and help bail out the water so to speak.

I am happy to see that there are people who feel convicted to stay! It broke my heart months ago to see certain people leave- but at the time, I also felt convicted to stay.

Now ... i can say I know how heartbroken they felt to make that decision.

I still hold out hope that in one miraculous moment - they decide to pull the 50/50 off this hard fork! it will bring such relief that only are they willing to discuss this longer and wait for better timing - but that our voices were heard???

it will have made this whole thing worthwhile.

until then - get your buckets ready Sarge ;) Bail that water out! :)

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Cool to see your new one, like that guy, seems like a good soul.

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If and when you learn their positions on eip, I'd love to know. I will move my witness votes around to vote only for those who are opposed to EIP in hf21. I think all of us who oppose eip in hf21 should, but we need more information!

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You may wish to check out these two links to stay abreast of the situation as it unfolds as well as posts by witnesses and their position.

I would also suggest visiting your witnesses blogs and following the tags #hardfork and #hf21. That is how I do it.

That's what I've been doing, but there's very little clarity from any of those opposing it. I mean, from some, but not clearly from 30 of them that I can make my votes for.

Weird that no one wants to go on record for something they believe in...

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