Joining Steemit at the Hardfork

in hardfork •  6 months ago

It's been interesting joining Steemit right as the whole apparatus did a hardfork. I was looking for a more future-oriented social media platform and wanted to give Steemit a try to see if it had potential. I'm looking for something that can bridge the gap between exchange-based social interactions to cooperation-based social interactions as I mentioned here:

Flowers 3 015.JPG

Technologies and systems reflect the assumptions made by those that invent them. As we understand the nature of reality in more expansive terms, those technologies and systems are going to change.

There's an analogy that people use to explain quantum computing to the initiate that goes something like this. Non-quantum computing is a linear process. It's like looking for a gold coin in the Sahara. You have to sift through a lot of sand to find the coin.

Quantum computing is like the sand melts into a glass sheet, and instantly you know the location of the coin.

As a human species, it's like we're combining both ways of looking at things. We're in an age in which we're going to see the sand with our senses but have to remember that it's all one sheet of glass. In other words, we're going to have to understand that the context we all live in is unified even though our senses see separations. That changes the way everyone does everything. It moves us out of a competition-based world into a cooperation-based world.

I'm just wondering if this platform, Steemit, is going to be capable of expanding into that new paradigm.

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