Hard Fork Update: We'll Be Back!

in hardfork •  6 months ago

If you've just woken up from a Steembreak, you're probably wondering what is going on in the Steemiverse, right? Well, you're not alone - many of us are still trying to figure it what this Hard Fork means for us, including Natural Medicine. Like any change, there's both concerns and blessings - the blessing, for us, is having a well deserved break from posting, commenting and upvoting on our personal accounts, and enjoying some 'real world' time - as much as we miss it here! It's a good natural medicine, don't you think? HardFork NM.fw.png

We thought we'd update you with what's going on here at Natural Medicine, as it's difficult to totally abandon you wonderful, amazing beings!

Firstly, we were about to post the winners for our last challenge, about how you make your mental health THRIVE! We'll be announcing the winners as soon as things settle down a little more here - we promise we haven't forgotten you! We'll also be announcing our new challenge too, ready for when things stablise here. In fact, there's a lot of things happening behind the scenes of Natural Medicine, so this Hard Fork rest gives us a chance to do just that.

Secondly, you may have noticed that your VP (now Resource Credits) has dropped right down - that's happened to all of us, so don't worry. It'll climb up steadily over the next few days. As @naturalmedicine's RC is waaaaay down, we're pausing any voting, resteeming or other actions on the blockchain (apart from this post), but don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! Keep drafting your #naturalmedicine posts, and when the dust settles, we'll be there to support you.

We've had to delay some of our posting this week too - a great interview with @porters about vipassana will now appear next Friday, our fortnightly newsletter is delayed til next Thursday with a bumper 'Hard Fork' edition, and there's a new Unearthed post too. But never fear - they're all sitting in Steempeak ready to go and we hope you enjoy them when they arrive in your feed!

Please don't waste your RC on upvotes or comments on this post, unless you know what this might mean for you - come hang out with us in Discord instead - here's the invite, if you're new here! We do ask for a minimum of 10SP as entry (and higher delegations keep us doing what we do in supporting YOU!), but as that'll also cost you this week, we're happy to waive that until things return to normal.

Have a wonderful few days - enjoy the sunshine, your kids, sleep, and other natural remedies to sooth and nurture your beautiful souls! See you on the other side.



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