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I wonder how feasible it would be for witnesses to set reward split levels in their configurations. Then the actual division at payout could be a moving 7 day average of configs assigned to each block. That would allow for each witness to target specific levels, justify their targets, and adapt as the community adapts.

There are tons of other components that work this way (like the 3.5 day average feed price used to calculate the portion of payout going to SBD) so the technical hurdles can't be too difficult.


This sounds like a good middle ground compromise!

there are many! let's take the time to flesh this out and SEE who it hurts before just jumping into a decision that initially hurts so many small accounts (the current 50/50)

this is a discussion that DESERVES to be handled alone and handled right. NOT quick and risky!

I think there are many ways to tackle this - but the point is... we can't adjust it if it just gets voted on lumped into a yes/no deal. This is TOO big of a discussion and there are SO many options that take us in a new direction WITHOUT burning the house down in one swift move. I love that your comment immediately brought in another suggestion. It's proof that if we put our minds together - there IS a compromise.

they need to take it off the hardfork so it can be a much more open and varied discusssion.

why not a slider or setting for content creators to set what they are offering curators?

the platform will find its balancewith the give and take between the two groups in order for each to grow. When a content creator sets their rate too high in relation to the quality of their work, the curators wont be upvoting and the creator will need to rethink their rate.

That's an order of magnitude more complex from a technical perspective.

It would also require supporting development from every front-end and voting service running on Steem.

You can already do this without too much trouble as long as the number is more than 25%. If you removed mandatory curation from the blockchain side I could spin up the back end of user-selected curation in a day or two. Somebody else would have to do the interface.

I volunteer you as tribute.


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May the odds be ever in your favor.

ha! his odds... not mine. i volunteered him :)

it is.. not impossible though. It happens elsewhere .. Choon comes to mind.

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