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RE: Sad, but not yet defeated.

in #hardforklast year

I know 3 Steemians who rely on their author rewards to physically survive. They cash out to pay bills, rent and to buy food. A 30+% cut in earnings will destroy them, and the experiment that is Steem will have suffered its first major defeat - the destruction of the dreamer, and the squashing of ambition.

A sad day... there's a reason I came to steem and not tezos or neo, I want creators to be rewarded.. not stake holders.

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Unless you already are counting me - I am one of the people who lives off of steem money. I am worried, but also an optimist. I'm not planning to do anything until this goes through.

This post however, makes me understand what might be coming in a much stronger way than anyI have read before. All along I have been wondering what would make the bigger accounts vote for me and other small accounts when they never have before. Wouldn't they just vote for each other more?

Hoping and praying this is better than it seems.

I think we need more than hope and prayers! We need to vote for witnesses who will oppose eip! And continue making our voices heard!

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Well, where is that list of witnesses?

Still seeking. I think @drakos is the only one I'm sure of. It's hard to get answers, but we'll keep pushing!

@fitinfun and @improv - @shadowspub put up a poll asking specifically - ALL the top witnesses to weigh in on this.

The last I checked (which was yesterday... so this could have changed... only two had responded.)

Go check @shadowspub post to see if any more have answered!

Nice! Most of them are never heard from, so this is not a surprise.

I really appreciate this and especially your numbers post, with the red and green, @dreemsteem. I will be sending that one to a few places tomorrow. I don't know if it will help, but maybe.

Hopefully, my good ability to sleep will not fail me now. It's almost 2 am in Malaysia and I feel like my head is about to explode now.

@cervantes had a poll with more responses. And since I oppose all of EIP, and think even EIP without 50/50 will be bad for everyone without whale power, that one asks the relevant question. Really, I think this new curve is the biggest problem. It's complicated mathematically, but do you know about it? Essentially, if your post makes less than about 10 steem, it will make EVEN LESS. And the posts that make more will get the benefit.

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Oh, and @yabapmatt is against EIP, but won't oppose the top twenty witness majority. So we need nine more in the top twenty to oppose it.

What about @curie? They would seem to be against killing off content.

Thé naïveté!

What do you think of them?

Don’t get me wrong, they are great for what they do but anything short of speaking up just speaks to their approval of HF21. Prolific Curie curators have spoken up of course but as a larger entity it is politically useless.

I think this article sums it up with conflict of interest. I don’t think there is a consensus with the actors of Curie, nor do I think the mediation system exists internally in order to leverage it’s power over the community. Even if it did, we are dealing with a more or less apolitical entity designed to foster engagement within an array of strict parameters. The way I see it, Curie is poised to let history happened to it as opposed to taking charge of its own destiny.

Also, there is so much wrong with the premise of Steemit. These top witnesses own a large sum of their votes to how many inactive users who didn’t bother downvoting before they abandoned the platform? The whole idea that users get to manifest the reality we want to see is all falling apart.

they were an unequivocal yes in the cervantes poll..

I agree - let's make a compromise that benefits the community! not just large accounts. how hard is that??

I guess it depends on if you're a large account holder

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