Report on the state of Hard Fork 0.2 GOLOS (October 31, 2017)

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Hello everyone!

Golos Core team is glad to inform you that the developing of main tasks is finished.
The internal testing of following issues is started:

Issue #177 Refactor asset data storage;
Issue #108 Name length dependent registration price
Issue #111 Automatic witness downvoting
Issue #220 Witness price feed never expire
Issue #184 После вызова get_ticker метода нода перестает отвечать на запросы API ( A node stops responding after get_ticker method calling);
Issue #215 fix get_trade_history always returns an empty array.

At the same time, we added several API methods for some of these issues.

We will announce about the accomplishment of the testing as soon as it's done.

The main post in

Best regards,
Golos Core team