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This post is on Steem in an effort to reach the people that need to hear it - it also only seems fair that I be willing to make this case in a place where Steemians can flag it if they see fit. Rewards have been declined

People keep looking at this block https://hiveblocks.com/b/41818752 and claiming it shows Hive zeroing wallets, or transferring funds or whatever. This is a misunderstanding of what the blockchain shows. I'll step through things a little more slowly here. My last post assumed everyone would understand what is being shown

Let's start with a quick screen cap that most people will recognize

Look at that! There it is! Funds being removed!! But is it? We see the block producer is toke2049... that's a Tron Foundation sockpuppet witness. Why was the Tron Foundation running a Hive witness?

They weren't. The asset you see being read is steem, but the result of the math is a new asset unknown to steem witnesses, but being allocated on the steem blockchain. Steem wallets were read from, but not written to. Let's look at the same block on steemd
Same block number, same witness, same transactions as the block on Hive

This is the same block

Steem witnesses and block explorers weren't configured to deal with the new asset, so they don't show it

The transactions you see on the hive block explorer are from BEFORE the fork on an unknown asset. It uses steem as the base of calculation for the math and produces a new ledger for a new asset that steem witnesses don't process

Seems silly and useless, doesn't it? Why create an asset if none of the existing witnesses can see it? The only possible good that can do is to have another witness that functions almost the same, but recognizes the new asset AND picks up the very next block


That is the first Hive block. It was picked up by gtg as the next block after the one with all those transactions on the mysterious new asset that doesn't exist

Except that gtg says it does exist. Further - gtg just assumes the new balances of this previously unknown asset are accurate... more than that, gtg assumes it's the asset that's always been there. From gtg's view of block 41818753, it's just the latest block in the chain with assets already in place

This might seem like a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, and hard to believe, but no assets were moved out of any wallets... ever

Hive came into existence with what appears to be the old ledger, but it's a new asset. Because it was a new asset, the steem witnesses don't track it or do anything with it

Because it came into existence on gtg's witness as a new ledger with a new asset, this is all an airdrop. The ledger was born into existence with the balances as shown in block 41818753

Sounds Ridiculous and Can't be True

Well, let's look at the claims I'm seeing often

Balances were removed from wallets

For this claim to be true, we would have to say either:

  • toke2049, a Tron Foundation sockpuppet witness, hopped onto the Hive network, adjusted balances, then stopped running on hive, and all the while kept running on steem and produced the same exact block
  • toke2049 removed balances on steem

Neither blockchain supports either of these ideas. toke2049 can't be a witness on 2 different networks producing the same block. toke2049 obviously didn't adjust any balances on steem

Insane as it seems, it's quite the technological achievement: A new asset was created and airdropped

Funds were not forked. Funds were not transferred. The math was done on steem for an all new asset. The all new asset came to life with the first hive block and balances were already in place from steem's math of a non-existing asset

Feel free to discuss. I'm a hiver on steem... subject to the mercy of steem stakeholders. You won't see any history of name calling (although I did once say something like "embarrassed for generations" and that's pretty embarrassing in hindsight)

Is it making sense? It's an insane technological achievement. Timing everything right and having everything in place to start up witnesses that process the new asset that quickly is unheard of previously in blockchain. Everyone assumed this fork is something we've seen before, but it isn't. It's something new
It is a new asset
It is an airdrop
It was done live

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