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I have to wonder if I was a whale or orca here, how I would feel. I already know the answer to that one. For the same reason that humans were wired to be parents, I would not be able to be greedy enough to feed myself the cream off the top without sharing equally with those under me.

I would like to believe that at one time, most of them were in this place. So what changed? Money isn't everything unless you don't have any. A concept that most of them have never encountered or if they did, don't remember.

I still believe in steemit, although, if they throw this in the toilet, I am not sure there will be a family left. Powering down was not in my thoughts, but, perhaps that is me being naive. I can only say that this whole thing makes me sad. How can they so easily corrupt the hand that fed them?


I feel so much like you - but the last hard fork was especially hard on me, being a founder of a community of newbies that was absolutely THRIVING in the face of hardships, love, and never-ending commitment from a Welcome wagon staff that gave and gave and gave. After HF20 - we gave more and more - and watched as people left one at at time - feeling that this was not the place for them.

Prior to HF20 - you should have seen us - we were everywhere - learning, growing, spreading light and love and giggles - making this place better for everyone around us.

HF20 was short-sighted and had "well maybe this will work to prepare for the future" as its motto. (my words, not theirs)

and now its happening again. I just can't watch it all again. I can't watch more and more people leave. and you know what? Maybe will a new exodus - it will stabilize like they want. Maybe the people who stay will be the ones they want to stay - people who are ok to work harder for less, because they have nowhere else to go.

that has been the saddest comment that i've heard. "I would leave and take my whole community - but where else can we go?"

it's like they know they've got us over a barrel, and they're counting on loyalty and community to keep us here through hard times.

if the hard times were across the board - and we were all suffering together - i could stay. but we're not. the rich are high above the fray. making money while this "experiment" watches the lower accounts suffer.

If you can stay to try to make it better - oh i wish you the absolute best. I won't support this kind of mentality.

hugs to you! you were the first one ever to give me a tip from @tipu! hehehehe that was a gamechanger for me - and I thank you for that! :)

I can't say either way at this point. I can wish and hope all I want, but, in the end, it will depend on what is left. I don't want to support that kind of mentality either. So, it isn't over til the fat lady sings.

I sit and watch. And pray for intervention.

Awwww! I am so glad to introduce you to tipu! It sure was a gamechanger for me and I still use it! It seemed out of place to use it here, but, heck! Why not?


Hehehee we should just hide the fat lady singer.... Then it will never end 😜

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OMG! That is brilliant. Grab her. I want to see this!! :) And just tiny little interactions like this absolutely make my day and the best I can say is these people no longer experience the joy because the greed has crept in and stolen it all.

I agree :)

It's what I loved about this place


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❤️ Great interaction you are spurring in this post! My hope is that it gets the attention it needs to! Good luck and if there is anything I can do to help in any way, just shout!

Or tip, whichever seems appropriate! LOL

Hehhehehe tips are always fun!!! Lol


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